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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


Say goodbye to the high-growth era several ups and downs on the journey again

Is in the feast, many "listen to the wind out of the different taste, periodic risk once hit, they concern themselves may be vulnerable, and following the original route to continue to run, could fall into cliff, rising costs, orders, financing risk, let them start thinking about transformation.

"Medium growth era", the principle of the survival of the most important change is the change of thinking, from the past, grasp the opportunity, heavy scale, to choose the opportunity, the details. It will be a process of self denial, rapid economic development, the opportunity is everywhere, but need to scale to capture, manufacturing enterprises continued the growth model of development as the theme, and strong is the key word, now you need to pay more attention to the choice of investment opportunities and grasp the details.

High-growth era, China's manufacturing enterprises more habit takes practical course, seize the opportunity to expand rapidly, is through the low cost to occupy the market first, have scale advantage. Shagang group, for example, it can quickly rise, the secret is one of several upstream in macroeconomic regulation and control, capacity expansion, mergers and acquisitions.

Of course, diversification is not the only way out. Refinement of the we should focus on the business operation, the enterprise own development logic is strong, is not heavily dependent on the cycle of economic development to adjust their own, but Chinese companies affected by the government is bigger, often to realize their transformation through the economic cycle.

"Medium growth age" of the second path is accelerating internationalization. Lifted out of the tide in 2012, orbital wrapping machinery industry, engineering and hoisting machinery import and export trade before 2004 are deficit, since 2010, the domestic orbital wrapping machinery market in a downturn, overseas technology and the market becomes more precious. "Internationalization can really give us business expansion, the enhancement enterprise's ability to resist risk." Sany group President tang xiuguo, said if the customer and market focus on a local, it may bring some problems. It is reported, in addition to the acquisition of the elephant, it also looking for other opportunities in Europe.

"Medium growth age" the third path, which is based on the change of external environment, organization structure change.