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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


Press industry continue to slump

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is popular because of its wide range of application.It is classified as an important category in the general machinery. From the point of use areas, the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is mainly used in machinery, chemical and petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, textile and garment, food and pharmaceutical, transportation and other industries, is closely related to the macroeconomic trends.

Since 2013, the domestic economic situation is still complicated, downstream of the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper application field closely related to macroeconomic, fixed assets investment industry demand remains weak, the situation of market demand is still weak, most of the enterprise sales decline in the industry.

Forward-looking industry research institute in 2013-2017 in China's Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper industry transformation and upgrading of production and marketing demand forecasting and analysis report that in 2014 China's macro-economic downward pressure in the economy is still exists, the possibility of a rapid economic recovery is small, Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper products as investment products, industry, or will continue to slump.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper into the energy conservation and environmental protection

Along with society's progress and the development of science, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the topic of concern. Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper as applied to products in many areas, the energy-saving products to energy saving in China has great significance.

As a result, the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is continuously to the compact structure, less energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency, high reliability direction. In fact, the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper itself has the characteristics of security, sustainable development, and can be copied, is a feasible solution of reducing carbon emissions, it is not a new technology, but in today's global search for solutions to energy saving and emission reduction efforts, found the new application of heaven and earth.

In the face of the current market situation, the domestic Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper manufacturers are enjoying national energy-saving subsidies, realizing the rapid transformation of enterprise. Intensify in the field of product research and development, and continuously produce to adapt to the development of science and technology, more advantage of the products.

Can predict, in the context of a shortage of global resources, all countries in the world in compressor technology innovation vigorously, strive for refrigeration industry new technology bring more energy saving effect. Energy saving subsidy policy in China will play an important effect in market regulation, for the enterprise structure adjustment and industry overall upgrade provides an opportunity to directly promote the domestic market will enter energy saving Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper industry.