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In the study of HB composite board development we have gradually realized that after the consumption material for resource development, People pay attention to the choice of raw materials material. The other two standards are essential to achieve efficient recycling requirements, first of all need good organization and close cooperation of all aspects, to carry out effective raw materials collection; Second, must develop enough technology to make practical and economically reasonable recycling products. Another cycle for the purpose of saving resource, based on the assumption that the process than the raw materials of new materials require less and less energy, and produce less pollution.

In order to make the assumption that truth, required materials should possess certain characteristics: it should be easily separated from other material in the waste stream, and each unit of amount of recycled materials should have low pollution levels, should be easy to remove any pollutants and easy to a way of no pollution disposal. According to the principle of choosing the above mentioned, we selected from abandoned municipal solid waste is more than standard material resources. Is a kind of composite flexible packaging box, is a kind of composite cement bags.

They are easy to recycle, sorting, cleaning, good material, no secondary pollution, etc, make it possible to commercialization HB composite board. With composite flexible packaging box as the HB composite plate of raw materials, renewable resources, for example, HB composite board production is currently at 50% using post-consumer waste of raw materials, 50% comes from the packaging materials production line of the company. This kind of material with paper, plastic, aluminum foil composite, has excellent strength and water proofing property, at the same time, the consumption of packing box, like PET, HDPE bottle has many characteristics, such as sorting, easy to clean. But because no one is a composite material and recycling, there is no competition and recycling price is low, so we be regarded as a kind of the waste source of "high quality", the so-called "high quality" means that the recycling is an ideal family of single polymer materials rather than mixed waste, and is relatively clean is not too much pollution materials.

We are according to our country wood often lack the resources and reduce the condition, use it to develop material to replace wood plywood, which requires the regeneration of end products to building wooden man-made board are competitive in price and performance. Is satisfactory, after trial production, the marketing renewable terminal products HB composite panels as expected, in price, performance, has the ability to compete, it reduces the impedance of the loop. From the point of the goods is to emphasize main motivation is to promote the development of HB composite board products environment, but in addition to reduce solid waste and increase recycling benefits to the environment of limited resources, and business is also beneficial to the whole society.

Not any material recycling is good for the environment, some may even be pollution, in order to determine the specific environmental value of recycling work, must also consider when a factory on the environmental life cycle analysis of the selected raw materials through the research and development process of HB composite panels, we explored to the possibility of waste packaging materials as building material resources. Came to the conclusion: recycling process is a solid waste reduction process of environmental protection, is also a process to improve resource utilization. But the choice of resources is not blind, must at the same time satisfy the environmental life cycle analysis, renewable resources recycling system of economic accounting and recycle products terminal market analysis of several process, otherwise will block circulation channel, to cycle.





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