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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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manage consumer anticipations

maintain great access

exercise respect and courtesy

training honesty in all communications

be practical within your support

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More than 50 years, Columbia has focused on providing these main businesses with palletizing options: pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage and food personal hygiene, developing paper and products, and chemical. Nowadays, our consumer collection consists of many renowned Fortune 200 organizations who palletize and stretch wrapping machine from paper bath towels and laundry soap to juice, pet food and chicken.

In 1937, an committed 23-calendar year-outdated called Fred Neth, Sr. lent $800 to open up a small go shopping, Columbia Forge and Device Operates, on Main Street in Vancouver, Washington. In the past, Columbia handled various work, which includes mending the primitive cement block-making models of times. We realized quickly that we could design and build a better one, as we learned the intricacies of those manually-operated machines.

In 1945, Columbia pioneered and built a hydraulically-controlled equipment which drastically enhanced the precision and quality of cement block production. These prohibit models were a wide-spread over night accomplishment.

In 1955, we moved to our present spot on Huge Boulevard in Vancouver, getting incorporated as Columbia Unit, Inc. By 1957, we had established a firm position as a leading manufacturer in the United States and began selling machines on the global marketplace.

During the early 1960s, Columbia Equipment sponsored a wide open residence for neighborhood dignitaries and group company executives. During the tour from the grow, the owner of Fortunate Brewery in Vancouver found a unit stacking cement blocks over a pallet. If we could apply the same principle to stacking cases of beer onto a pallet, Intrigued, he asked us. We accepted the engineering, challenge and building the industry's first floor-stage scenario palletizer and orbital wrapper. This innovative new machine was the beginning of a brand new developing division at Columbia, the Palletizer Division.

In nearly 75 years, Columbia Device has matured from the small device store towards the world's leading producer of palletizer and definite items equipment.