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At present, the plastic flexible packaging in the market share is gradually expanding, is expected in the next few years will continue to maintain good growth momentum, give priority to with plastic film of the soft packing played important roles in various types of packaging products, film development up to now share accounted for over 40% of the total plastic packaging materials, the following are some of the flexible packaging has occurred or is changing structure.
The box open way more and easier to use. Compared with before, now the packing box with a few small parts to make the switch, as some set bag zipper, tear when use don't need bags, only need to unscrew. Also had significant progress in mechanical, along with the increase in function, can in the shortest possible time to provide from filling to packaging one-stop service.
Clear high barrier film. A new generation of clear film and coating blocking performance began to close to the metal sheet and aluminum plating film. It provides a chance to show, make people can intuitive see those very appetizing food. This kind of packing structure also convenience food in the microwave.
New product of choice for stretch wrapping machine packaging. After years of development, it is generally accepted that flexible packaging will be swept across all products. Typical examples are tuna and pet food, after decades of canned packaging sterilization bags is popular. More recently, baby food jar is replaced by can sterilization bags.
A step faster than others. Since using elastic larger made bags to paste is no longer a novel things, other condiments small bag packaging is not far away. In Europe, Asia and Latin America, the success of the test proves that this is a miracle. The new packaging of the shampoo and laundry detergent, it is the time is right, so is a canned fruit.
Global cereal flexible packaging industry slowly. Whether in the low-end and high-end market, the line of sight of flexible packaging has entered the cereal manufacturers. But experts admit that if you want to in a short period of time into a flexible packaging, invested in the packaging machinery manufacturers will be very much. And, although the renewable resources has so many advantages, but flexible packaging materials with recycled cardboard instead of directly is unlikely. Mainly because of flexible packaging does not mean that consumers will accept the entire country, especially the americans.
There will be more layer in a composite extrusion this link. Fierce a listen to, think of this statement is wrong, in fact is added in the flexible packaging structure layer can have the effect of cost savings and increase performance. What's the matter? It requires that the layer more precise control. 3-5 thin film composite extrusion production line is subject to the size of the extrusion machine and mold design. 7-9 layer composite extrusion production line can produce better performance, more thick soft packing materials, and because no need to design, the cost would be lower. One is made from cheaper resin expansion layer material. There is a separate moistureproof layer into two thin layers, one layer of standby, in case of pinhole and connected to other layers. This method also increases the moisture quantity below, so as to further reduce the permeability. Can have a variety of technical barrier material separated into many layers, and the linear increase data shows that waterproof performance.
Suitable flexible packaging shape. The contemporary packing style to design the shape of the more than before. Packing consumer-goods companies eager to new shapes, for them, it is very important to highlight on the shelf products. Almost minus two curved shape space this shape of bag is out of fashion, while outside machinery company almost all machines in the production of the conical bag. At the same time, along with vertical bag shape is more complicated, how to suppress the design waste is a need to face the challenge.
Bags have widespread impact. Because packet structure can be customized according to requirements, and the physical structure up many new products: liquid, viscous, powder, granule and particle shape. Followed, produced the intersection between products and products, including food and beverage, cosmetic, health care, pet food, automobiles, drugs and agricultural products. Soft packing now is not to achieve common packing box filling speed, but the gap is reduced, especially in the field of dried products.
Despite the current capacity of plastic flexible packaging cable packaging machine industry development, but flexible packaging enterprises must keep up with the pace of the market recovery, timely effective product structure adjustment. If potential are important, but find that enterprises continue to move in the direction key, should be studied at the energy market, the research needs, to carry on the deep level development, pay attention to quality, development has a certain technical content of functional packaging materials, to meet a new round of global green economy. Product packaging should from the past simple, protection, branding, market gradually transforms the passive form of packaging, active packaging form.
Thus, plastic packaging market potential is tremendous. The quickening pace of development, the Middle East and Africa region of plastic flexible packaging can leapfrog growth per capita consumption. Flexible packaging industry will need to increase investment, a wide range of packaging products, the most important is to form its own competitive advantage. 21, learn from and drug administration, since 2013, a total monitoring found that drug, and health food products, such as illegal and more than two thousand times, to the administrative department for industry and commerce to illegal advertisement more than 200, and the sifting representative "ten big illegal advertisement". Surplus in the current under the condition of buyer's market, product competition is inevitable. For plastic bottle manufacturer in the field of the traditional and peer competition to consolidate the market at the same time, if we can open up some relatively not being noticed by the other competing market, obviously it is advantageous to enterprise's development.