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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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Pallet wrapping machine use packaging materials, characteristics of the stretch wrap film Stretch wrap film strength, with a high degree of impact and penetration strength, good self-adhesive, transparent, not to expand the goods volume after packaging, shockproof, moisture-proof, protective is strong, is very popular in the world of a form of packaging. It can be widely used in building materials, chemical industry, the bottle (tank), food, paper, machinery, electronics and textile products such as single piece or assembly packaging.

Technical specifications

 Stretch film is made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) 1, stretching ability Manual drawing 0 ~ 150%;

Machine tensile 0 ~ 250%

2, back pressure

3, the puncture resistance

4, and tensile properties

5, adhesion,

6, dynamic force

7, temperature in the environment temperature for 30 to + 60 degrees Celsius used or stored.

 Does the performance characteristics of Film for packaging on the back pressure, thus protecting the packing materials.

Of the membrane is produced by stretching and retraction force. Adhesion reduces the skid, provides a lamination effect, thus forming a kind of dynamic skin.

 0-40% minimum memory At 40-75% memory response 75-100% of medium pressure back 100-200% extremely easy to obtain maximum back pressure ratio 200-250% advised to choose a proper film can achieve maximum tensile and tensile equipment + 250% due to stress, film start strength relaxation 300% + memory be destroyed, thin film of a plastic film Does technology data tables features unit The width of the film mm 500 500 500 The thickness of the thin film (including m 17 20 23 Length/roll M 1500 1500 1500 Puncture resistance method (DOW) The bursting strength N 29.5 35.0 40.5 Resistance energy J 1.7 2.4 3.1 The impact strength G 92.0 110.0 128.0


1, the puncture resistance: it is a kind of method research by the DOW chemical company.

2, the bursting strength: a small probe slowly stabbed a piece of film used to prick the force;

3, resistance energy: Pierce energy used in the film; Unit: the joule J, the impact strength; ASTM method - D1922 4, the impact strength: probe falling from a height, a small hole in the a piece of film to energy; Units: g