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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


With increasing market requirements to the horizontal stretch wrapper machine industry to seek new ways of development, in recent years, in order to reduce the production cost, flexible packaging companies consider construction production lines, complete enterprise flexible manufacturing support without efficient servo control system. Visible, in the development of packaging production line, control with integrated product technology plays a more and more important role.
In order to achieve faster and more flexible production purposes, traditionally by mechanical components to realize the function is more is accomplished by a servo system. Column, such as, with electronic gear, electronic CAM replace mechanical CAM with gear, do not need to "hard/mechanical connection between multiaxial high precision synchronization. Packaging production line, therefore, not only need to interlock control, fast and high precision servo control is needed. Can fulfill the function of the integrated controller/system will than independent PLC control scheme of the servo controller in the programming, debugging and maintenance and so on various angles are more and more benefits for the user.
In order to complete the flexible production, packaging production line of tightly coupled with each other in every process equipment, packaging production line with other production line linkage to each other. Because different controller control respectively different process or production line, this brings the problems of coordination between different controllers. So, international packaging association user organizations (OMAC/PACML) position of the object encapsulation structured, standardized machine status management functions, accordingly, to integrate the functions of the control system can ensure users with less time and cost to complete the whole line, even the whole factory production synergy.
Complete flexibility in production, also means that the control system of real-time data with factory should be the integration of production management information system of relational database of the two-way communication ability. That is to say, from order pool formation and production scheduling management of software production control instruction need to be able to timely passed to the packaging production line control system; Moreover, packaging production line control system will be running status and production status to return to production information management system in a timely manner.
In order to achieve continuous production wider with system recovery time less, more users are aware can support module electric plug, rapid diagnostic information acquisition and network maintenance and management of packaging production line control system has the value and benefits.
In general, flexible production not only changed our production mode, make the product packaging is more flexible, more developed our development train of thought, make the horizontal stretch wrapper machine market several rounds of change, accelerated the innovation thinking better foray into commercialization, make horizontal stretch wrapper machine potential better play out, reached a new level, to the ranks of international China into a "create" nation has laid a solid foundation.
This makes horizontal stretch wrapper machine industry to the overall inspect the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the amount of flexibility, flexibility in construction and supply flexibility. To make the horizontal stretch wrapper machine has good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation.



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