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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


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Four categories of packaging machinery market demand in recent years
Low bag forming - fill - orbital stretch wrapper series
Medium and small bag packaging, they are widely used demand great, especially after the food market and enliven, small packaging requirements is very big, such as flour, rice development is suitable for the different status of material series packaging equipment, solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of the product, and to develop in the direction of multi-function, high automation and speed.
Low pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials
All kinds of Chinese and western medicine processing complete sets of equipment, especially the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mechanical equipment processing is an important subject, in order to solve Chinese medicine section, production, injection, paste, powder, pill and processing and quality problems, is an urgent need to all kinds of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, especially in high speed, automation, multi-function packaging machinery and its corresponding compound packing materials.
Low convenience stretch wrapper of complete sets of equipment
A convenient food processing complete sets of equipment market demand more and more big. According to market research, people convenient for instant noodles, rice noodles, noodle, convenient for hollow powder, porridge and steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings and so on the requirements of convenience food's nutrition, high-grade, taste good. Another traditional food processing, elderly and prospect were also baby food processing equipment, should focus on development.
Low grain, edible oil processing equipment
During the ninth five-year plan of the grain, edible oil processing equipment in 20% ~ 30% growth each year. During the tenth five-year plan, are expected to enter the new century these products will be while maintaining high growth rate, is likely to drive some of the new packaging equipment, such as disposable paper lunch boxes, paper cup bowl of equipment.
Domestic packaging machinery industry general situation analysis
Now, in the development process of China's packaging machinery industry become more and more difficult, because of the domestic competition is big, and secondly because the market development have a certain foundation, new equipment development difficult. So change the present market is need to solve the problem. Only our research and development, grasp the market development direction, to go to meet the demand of the market.
In today's society, with the improvement of people standard, product sales has increased continuously, at the same time, product packaging more and more get the attention of people, but as a packaging machinery packing machine. But there is due to the shortage of market, baling press in the development of the market will have a lot of opportunities and challenges. In this era, the product is constantly updated with high-tech in the unceasing development makes the packer has some shortage, if a little bit behind you will be eliminated by the market. , packaging vendors would, however, in the face of this problem, must change the policy to change the concept of before, to know how to change to the right track, to stable development. In the face of this problem must first strengthen the independent innovation, the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, perfect the system, increase productivity, and so on. Only in this way, can apply to social development, to solve the situation at present, to the development of stability in the market.
Packaging production line robot avoid accidents greatly
China's orbital stretch wrapper has developed rapidly in recent years, related packaging machinery equipment and technology has been more and more rapid development. Robot with increasingly automated packaging machinery, as the most competitive technology, automation technology for quickness, accuracy, repeatability, dangerous work.
Use of robot automation production line can not only greatly enhance the enterprise competitiveness, also brought significant benefits to the user, with the continuous improvement of enterprise automation level, robot automatic production line of market will more and more big, will gradually become the main form of automatic production line. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, building materials and logistics and other industries have extensive use of packaging robot automatic production lines, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and to avoid a lot of accidents.
In addition, manufacturers hope to seek a lower cost of production. Robot automatically play the important roles, because robot can not only lead to lower cost, but also can bring a higher flexibility. Packaging robot is more and more enterprises are aware, there will be more people because of its flexible and reliable, and choose to use the advantages of many robots will replace the traditional equipment, become an important assistant in the field of packaging.
Many countries around the world for nearly half a century the use of packaging robot practice shows that the popularity of packaging robot is to realize the automation of production, improve the efficiency of social production, is the effective means to promote enterprise development and social productivity. Robotics is proactive, strategic high technology fields. Packaging robot automatic production line of complete sets of equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment, domestic packaging robot and popularization is something sooner or later.
orbital stretch wrapper is advanced, sophisticated, intelligent, has realized the increase production, improve quality, reduce cost, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, is the highest embodiment of packaging machinery automation level; orbital stretch wrapper to upgrade the comprehensive extension of physical strength and intelligence of a new generation of production tools, is to realize the production of an important means of digitization, automation, network and intelligent, so packaging robot development prospects in the industry.



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