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The Chinese stretch wrapper for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Ministry of Finance website on the 12th news, the central enterprises to support key industries and development to upgrade and standardize the management of funds, the Ministry of Finance to develop a "central state-owned capital operation budget and development of key industrial transformation and upgrading capital management approach."

According to the "Rules" industrial upgrading funds are mainly used to support key industries, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, modern seed industry, iron and steel, packing machinery, petro chemicals, non-ferrous metals and other relations of the national strategy to upgrade and development. Industrial upgrading and funding support from the central focus of enterprises rely on enterprise technology and resource integration, and promote research with the combination of related industries coordination, carried out from the core technology research and development, pilot testing, new product trial, the construction industry to promote new products, applications and the whole process of industrial upgrading activities services.

Capital investment funds to take industrial upgrading way, in principle, the amount of capital invested more than 30% of the total investment amount. General industrial upgrading funds for individual projects to support the amount of not more than 300 million yuan, the total investment for larger key projects, the amount of support may be relaxed, no more than $ 500 million.

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