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Major functions: 1? Compack design : Microcomputer packaging and scales machine single procedure ,increase the weighing and packing pace, 2? Higher accuracy and precision, small goal considering: Select the best blend, substantial precision and speed combo; 3? Simple great-velocity functioning: Microcomputer control, touchscreen display, handy maintenance and operation 4? Compact size: Unique 1-bit construction, enormously decreases manufacturing facility size prerequisite; is a great room-saver 5? Accurate location: Servo control tension of film, tensions film for exact placing, Electric powered automatic tracking and signature exact locationing. 6? Swift return on your investment: wonderful price savings on unprocessed labor and material price. Web Body weight: 500kg Voltage: 220V Power: 4000W Consistency: 50 or 60HZ (optional) Principal operate: Completely automated weighing and filling, film-taking, travelling bag-making, case-punching (holing), stamping, and quantity-keeping track of. Software: Dry And Processed Frozen, Fresh and Food Foods: Goody Nuts, Seeds and Food Espresso (granules/ legumes), Tea and Sugar, Grated Cheese, Bakery Products, Candies And Confectionery, Rice, Peanuts & Dried up Fruit, Spices or herbs, Noodles, Pet Food (pellets) and so on. Other: Non Food items: Method Plumbing, Nuts, Electrical, Bolts, Auto and Washers Components and so on. ProductWP-1040? 08 Dimension10.4 inch touch screen Consider brain nos.10 Think about pail volume.8L Hopper material 304 stainless(a=basic,b=dimpled) Single analyzing variety10-500g Optimum. body weight1000g Considering precision±0.3rd generation-1.5g Max breadth of roll movie400mm Bag width60~190mm Case duration50~230mm Wrapping film resourcesIntricate film(Unique supplies must be buy) Film travel potential Servo Engine Stop seal potential Cylinder Atmosphere consumption.3m3/minutes,.6MPa Optimum. packing rate60 hand bags/minutes Energy4KW Regularity/Voltage220V 50/60Hz(alternative) NW. / GW.500kg/600kg Package sizing/millimeters1556×1366×2078 * Note: The specific evaluating & packing velocity will be subjected to different kinds of variables, much like the item characteristics, bag-making dimensions, packing materials and filling up velocity, etc.


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