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The Chinese door packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


According to the national bureau of statistics data released in October 1 -, instrument and meter manufacturing implementation main business income is 607.47 billion yuan, up 15.5% from a year earlier. Main activities profit is 43.5 billion yuan, up 6.8% from a year earlier.


Instrument and meter industry trend this year is less good, but the honorary President of the China association of instrument and meter industry xi home into has warned that the vast majority of enterprise production and sales and profits continued double-digit growth age has in the past, industry has entered a "minority by the rapid development of enterprises, most enterprises flat or low speed growth, about 20% enterprise losses" in the new period.


Instrument is to point to to detection, measurement, observation, calculation of various physical quantities, material composition, physical parameters, such as appliances or equipment, vacuum leak detector, pressure gauge, length measuring instrument, microscope, etc. All belong to instrumentation. Instrument and meter industry is a modern high-tech industry, many countries will be a priority to the development of industry.


After years of rapid development, after 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, instrument and meter industry orders decreased dramatically in our country. From the national bureau of statistics recently released before October industrial data, instrument and meter manufacturing growth. Xi said into, this means that, instrument and meter industry has recovered from the crisis, into a slow recovery period.


Since this year, instrument and meter industry growth is higher than most of the manufacturing industry, mainly thanks to promoting economic structure adjustment and support of related policies and measures such as scientific and technological progress, the attention livelihood of the people. Concrete, production and sales accounted for about 40% of the industry industrial automation instrument and control system for industrial transformation rising demand, the growth of 2% above the whole industry; Agriculture, forestry and fishing, education, automotive, medical instrument rose more than 20%; Electronics, experimental analysis and other scientific instruments by close to 20%.


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