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The Chinese door packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Production growth picks up at the same time, the industry's main profit growth is not high. To this, the expert analysis thinks, there are a variety of reasons. First of all, labor costs rise faster, high management, operating expenses, the cost of the leading industry growth rate is higher than the growth in production and sales. Second, most enterprises demand is not prosperous, the Horizontal stretch wrapping machine to drop, high product industrialization in only a few enterprise work. In addition, 20 is a third year-on-year profit in or low growth in the industry, including optical instruments, seismic exploration instruments, Marine meteorological instruments are double-digit negative growth; Experimental analysis, supply with instruments such as the growth rate is only 3% to 7%.



At present, domestic instrument and meter industry facing the fierce market competition, and the gap between the international advanced level is still obvious. It is understood that the industry as a whole board is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, the progress in the field of industrial automation mostly concentrated in the process used in industry measurement and control equipment, and is suitable for the discrete sensor, controller, servo system, used in industry control software such as foundation weak, develops slowly, this will seriously affect the development of our country's manufacturing automation, digital and intelligent. Scientific instruments, on the other hand, because the amount is small, technical difficulty is big, and foreign product technology and application of high maturity, in addition to the individual variety, domestic high-end products are few breakthroughs.


"Like a lot of manufacturing, product quality is not high, backward production mode and low benefit is the common fault of most instrumentation enterprise." Xi's house said, as the two fusion of policy implementation, the situation began to change, industrial automation and electrical instrumentation industry enterprise progress faster, early results show. Some companies have set up information agencies and professional personnel, and well-paid foreign technical experts to guide, but start early, grounded enterprises have set out to combine modern production mode production process information, and to establish the enterprise information management system of the core, to implement order production, traceability production, to improve the quality of the connotation, the response to a new round of competition.


For the year, the industry experts predict that no accidents, such as export industry at the beginning of the year's production and sales growth will exceed the predictive value of 16%, 18% or so.


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