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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Director-general of the national development and reform commission, Chen said, according to the division of duties, current research departments are actively formulate supporting policies. It iss expected to intensify dissolve excess capacity.

Careful of Beijing, Hebei people's congress, found that the two sessions this year is different.

In 2014 the government work report, in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) on the indicators, have been overweight. Concrete is Beijing, hebei in 2014, the annual concentration of PM2.5, need 5%, 4% lower than last year.

Action is not the only two places, except a handful of areas, most regions of the country in his government work report generally talked about the content of the atmospheric governance.

This may make it easier for the environmental protection index in 2014 overweight, \"PM2.5 index, is certainly beneficial to other environmental targets.\" On January 22nd, the national development and reform commission energy research institute researcher jiang kejun, told reporters.

In the press conference to be held on the national development and reform commission, the national development and reform commission, department chief priests Xu Lin said 24 indicators of the 12th five-year plan, there are four indicators was completed is not too ideal, progress lags behind the expected, mainly reflected in the environmental protection.

21st century economic report the reporter understands, the national development and reform commission, the ministry is studying new measures to prepare over the next two years more efforts in promoting environmental protection work, makes the above targets.

The 12th five-year plan (2011-2015) has entered into the second half. Environmental indicators can be completed, become a measure of the success or failure of the \"twelfth five-year\" plan key.

Energy conservation and environmental protection targets lag

The national development and reform commission, the department chief priests Xu Lin revealed that during the period of \"twelfth five-year\" 24 major indexes, the vast majority of the implementation schedule better than expected. To complete 7% of average annual GDP growth target, for example, there is no problem. There are ten thousand invention patents, for example, indexes of forest volume has been finished ahead of schedule.

But four environmental indicators do not meet expectations. This includes nitrogen oxide emissions, non-fossil energy accounted for a proportion of energy consumption, the unit GDP energy consumption per unit of GDP carbon dioxide emission reduction.

\"There is a certain relationship between the four indicators, energy levels and has a certain relationship between carbon dioxide emissions intensity, energy consumption intensity index finish good, carbon dioxide emissions intensity index will also be good.\" He said.

In the 21st century economic news reporter learned that, nitrogen oxide emissions in 2011 and 2012 was 2.82% higher than in 2010. Fell by 3.5% in 2013 and is still only dropped by 0.7%, and 10% of the \"twelfth five-year\" drop goal gap is big.

In addition, non-fossil energy of primary energy consumption ratio reached 9.8% in 2013, the previous year increased by 0.7%. But progress is still not completed.

Energy consumption per unit GDP fell by 3.7% in 2013, two years before considering fell by 2.1% and 3.9% respectively, and the natural resources defense council adviser Yang fuqiang, three years preceding the \"twelfth five-year\" energy consumption per unit GDP fell by 9.4%, slightly below the schedule.

Yang pointed that if with efforts, carbon intensity and energy consumption intensity can be completed.

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