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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


From China (tianjin) international machinery industry equipment fair (hereinafter referred to as the "tianjin machine exposition") of the organizing committee of the latest news, tianjin machine exposition has passed the international exhibition in November 2013 alliance (English Union of international Fairs, hereinafter referred to as UFI) certification, become a full member of the international exhibition Union (UFI) exhibition, one of China's machinery exhibition including coil packing machine in only one through the international exhibition Union (UFI) certification. This marked the tianjin machine exposition has the world's highest exhibition agency authority endorsed, expo officially declared to tianjin machine in line with international standards, as the world's most prestigious exhibition.

Alliance international exhibition industry (UFI) was founded in milan, Italy in 1925, headquartered in Paris, France. Global association for exhibition industry (UFI) is widely considered to be the world's most important international exhibition industry association, has always enjoyed a high reputation, is a sign of quality assurance, its members are the industry leader. UFI core task is to authoritative attestation of international exhibition, at the exhibition of UFI approved marks this exhibition the exhibition is high quality, therefore, UFI certification on the scale of the exhibition, exhibition history, overseas exhibitors ratio, the proportion of foreign audiences have very strict requirements and complicated procedures. In order to make sure it can be among the leading exhibition in the field. The audit data of professional quality, professional institutions and the recommendation of a member of the association of international exhibition organizers are necessary conditions to join association. In order to get a show UFI certification, the quality of service, are required to achieve very high visibility and standards.

Tianjin machine fair in August 2005 as a "third economic growth pole in China" for the first time held in tianjin binhai new area, has been committed to the organizing committee for the global machinery enterprises maximize the interests of the platform and the most comprehensive service, and always pay attention to the brand building of exhibition, strive to make tianjin machine fair into a service global coil packing machinery manufacturing industry the authority of the exhibition. Tianjin machine expo ten years efforts, now has become a famous domestic machinery industry exhibition, exhibition area of 60000 square meters, from over 20 countries and regions in the world more than 1200 exhibitors, 25% of internationalization, the exhibition currently has more than 80000 professional audience, including international audience is more than 20%, by industry professionals as the most promising private professional machinery exhibition.

Union the tianjin machine expo through the international exhibition industry (UFI) certification, the quality of the machine is fair and exhibition experience affirmation, but also for machine fair leap and into the international field of vision widen the space, at the same time, China's machinery manufacturing industry to enter the international arena, break the "made in China" is equal to the beginning of the hoops "world factory". After entering the international stage, tianjin machine exposition will promote machinery manufacturing and the international manufacturing industry in China, as a high-end technology and the latest scientific research achievements provide international dialogue platform. Believe in UFI vigorously support and the help, tianjin machine expo will rapidly towards the world first-class brand show.


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