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The Coil packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


1. The coil packaging machine adopts brought in and the most sophisticated PLC automated controller , With security security and alarm gadget , Ensure machine higher-speed balance, a number of Configurations can be operated in the touch-screen easily. 2. According to the height of packing products, Adopt side sealing design, packaging length is no limited , The sealing line height can be adjusted; 3. The Sealing blade embrace the usa D you P ont teflon covering , anti - adhering , Higher temperature resistant alloy knife, the seal off ing will never crack, not coking without any smoke , no toxins. 4. Assembles a single horizontal and something erect sensing unit for that entry to the sealer it is easy to switch ,even for some thin products, additionally it is very easy to pack them. 5. When pack various sizes of products,it is easy to modify,need not to change any molds or any coil packaging producing gadget. 6. Adopts OMRON electronic temperatures control with PID function, sealing temperatures is very delicate and precise, can established temperature optionally, the cutter itself features a protective Machine Characteristics: l Welding- joints structure and changeable foot stand . l Merchandise enter area and buffer region are made from stainless steel growth cylinder as well as the productivity growth cylinder from the finished pile is made of co2 metallic also can be sequence carry. l Follow with TR/NSK water-proof bearings l Two set up varieties: up slipping coi package and horizontal sliding l Main picking up process adopts motor drive transmitting l Implementing motor unit transmitting sliding table l Speed up conveyor and steering equipment l One particular list of side stress gadget for storage space location l Power roller conveyor in pile region l Permutation buffer l A single set of pallet localizer l Two divisions of clapboard for Permutation l Vacant pallet dealer l All-around Security device l Electric control which includes atmosphere compressing gadget: n essential engine energetic gadget n PLC automated controller n necessary procedure switch and instruction n cellular functioning board n operation for person-machine interface checking and operational scenario show Irregular scenario show


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