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The Chinese coil packaging line:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Coil packing line industry in the past 11 months began to recover and fix asset investment. But it still lower than the same period industrial investment which is the growth 4.7%. And the capital market rush in stark contrast to the electronics industry. Looking ahead to 2014, sadie think-tank argues that in the case of a big cycle of recession, the market demand will further suppressed, coil packing line industry for the whole year of investment in fixed assets will remain low.

AnHui said that affect Chinese coil packing line industry in 2014 exports and investment there are three main factors: one is wandering recovery of economic recovery have a negative impact on industry both at home and abroad, the second is foreign pull effect will continue to weaken, the third is social capital may be in a wait-and-see attitude. Under the influence of these three factors, is expected in 2014 Chinese coil packing line industry export and investment growth is likely to remain at about 11% and 15% respectively.

Five major questions unanswered

As the current traditional manufacturing, coil packing line industry trend of the transformation and upgrading of technology is more and more obvious. But sadie think-tank argues that looking ahead to 2014, industry is still faced with five serious problems.

Is first and technology equipment backward restricted, the current our country has not yet get rid of the core technology and key equipment had the situation, it is especially obvious in the field of integrated circuit. The second is the current industry in a critical period of from big to strong, but the macro-economic downward pressure gradually increases, have increased pressure on the industry transformation, the transformation and upgrading of industry many enterprises more difficult. The third is the world's coil packing line industry competition has from the enterprise competition entered the stage of industrial competition, and China in recent years from tencent, baidu and 360 enterprises have grown up, has for many years without a strong emerging enterprises, the situation will hinder the sustainable innovation and development of coil packing line industry in our country. The fourth is the characteristics of the industry know enough, fail to capture new opportunities. The fifth is the international trade barriers, will hinder Chinese coil packing line industry and enterprises to go out.

AnHui, thinks that in 2014 the industry's investment hot spots will be mainly concentrated in the localization of the integrated circuit, the machine industry, information technology and traditional industrial convergence of this a few large areas. It is worth noting that in 2013 the state council issued including Internet, broadband, China information consumption policy documents, and other fields. Considering the limitation of policy execution, 2014 industry positive policy will also be developed, such as integrated circuit industry is expected to rise to the national strategy, and photovoltaic field will also get more attention. The cloud after several years and blustery guidance document will be issued, it will promote the rapid development of coil packing.


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