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The Chinese packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


In the first half of this year the food and packaging machinery industry economic conditions showed the following characteristics: industry-wide rate is still around 20% growth ; industrial sales output value increased by 19.5 %, but the industry is still the original profit margin of 5% and a decrease of 0.35 based on % , margin growth and industrial sales output growth is not synchronized ; once again raise labor productivity , increased from 57,691 yuan / person up to 66,244 yuan / person ; corporate loss of 19.73% last year to 27.4 percent now .
    According to the China Machinery Industry Federation of key linkages 455 food and packaging machinery business survey statistics show that in the first half of this year , the industry realized an industrial output value of 10.19 billion yuan , an increase of 21 % over last year ; industrial sales output value of 9.575 billion yuan , more than growth of 19.5% over the same period last year , product sales margin of 4.63% , reduced from 5.02% to 0.35% over the same period last year ; new product output value 901 million yuan , an increase of 3.96% over last year ; total imports and exports 1.84 billion yuan , an increase of 5.58% , which imports of 1.07 billion yuan , an increase of -18.09 % , exports 770 million yuan , an increase of 27.54% ; export delivery value of 943.2 million yuan , an increase of 18 % over last year ; overall labor productivity of 66,244 yuan / person , compared with last year's 57,691 yuan / person increased 8553 yuan / person ; corporate loss increased from 19.5 % last year to 27.4% .


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