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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



Pocket Travelling bag may be the new package deal committed to the field of cheeses and new products in general, which is often opened and closed thanks to the zip, flattened hem or tag. Open and Close Pocket Case includes the severe functionality in the reclosable deal as well as the assure of long term freshness of the packaged merchandise. The novelty of your Bank account Handbag package is based on the wrapping substance, which is made up of one or more levels of film that behave as a petrol obstacle, and may be removed away from, therefore keeping the bundle undamaged. Readily available Designs: SCIROCCO BA with film roll inside a higher place - photograph SCIROCCO BB with film roll in the low placement - photo SCIROCCO Bank account BAG for reclosable provides that may be opened and closed thanks to our method that makes use of a single reel of thermo sealing film.. Specialized DATA: Long Dwell transporting constant action transversal closing method (PFM patent) Available with 1-2-3-4 crimpers per shaft, according to the product and the required speed The machine ensures properly hermetic securing, for approximately 200-250 provides per minute Servo-Helped os by using Brushless motors in primary electrical axis, with touchscreen display handles and the opportunity of online link Cantilevered machine construction with circular sides, openable on every side: the electrical and mechanical factors are housed separately at the back of the machine, as the entrance is free from obstructions and thus quick and easy to clean in just about every position, visible or hidden Reel-holding shaft with pneumatic extension and disc brake program Automatic film symbol reel altering process without any decrease in machine speed The sealing models can be taken off from your machine in 10-20 minutes for program workbench routine maintenance Development in AISI 304 steel.


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