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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Three is pulled subsidy policy. Wheat this year for wheeled machine subsidies amount without too much limitation, leaning on the types of agricultural subsidies implementation normal policy (tilt to corn harvester), and most of execution of the policy, especially the 5 kg model single subsidies of 40000 yuan, extremely attractive to the customer, pull the market demand.

Four is consumer gains inter-district homework, activate the potential demand. Market survey, in 2012, to buy wheel corn harvester user operating income increased more than 50% of the users, less than 10% of users earnings appear landslides. Real user returns the exemplary role of activated the potential market demand, be induced direct driving force of market demand.

Demand structure big adjustment, new led models

Chinese stretch wrapping machine in China market in 2013 the biggest change is that the market demand structure big adjustment, it put an end to the rule of the market for six years leading type 2-2.5 kg product demand, this year's market share fell to 5.6% from 57.6% last year. Then opens the dominated by 4 to 5 kg of product requirements model of new stage, the demand of ratio rose to 82.3% from 27.3% last year. This change is on the horizon since 2012, but did not shake dominance of 2-2.5 kg. According to our country in recent years wheeled the rules of the development of corn harvester 4-5 kg models or will become the dominant model in the next few years. Lead to the change of the main reasons: one is the orientation of large-scale, stimulate market demand transfer; A sharp change of the rural organization structure, the rapid growth of consumption cluster, become a deep factors of induced demand transfer; Three is a large machine is mature, stable performance, high working efficiency, tractor driver can gain more benefits; Four is consumer income increases, the purchasing power.

Product demand or will present the following characteristics: first, 4-5 kg as the dominant model will last at least 3 years; Second, the proportion or will decrease, further large-scale trend will be more apparent, 6 kg models will accelerate; Third, 2-2.5 kg models this year has been squeezed to the bottom, or in the future there will be a slight rebound.

The central plains region, luyu market soared

2013 Chinese stretch wrapping machinemarket mainly concentrated in north jiangsu, anhui, shandong, henan and other regions, from the area of analysis, henan, shandong market entered the heyday, market share increased by 39.7% and 35.5% respectively, demand for larger north jiangsu and anhui market despite the growth of 3.7% and 0.3%, but the fundamental impact on the growth of the overall market is hardly.

From the regional demand model analysis, 5 kg product sells 32000 units in the central plains, the proportion reached 63%. Also continue to mainframe development in northeast China, 8 kg product sales nearly doubled growth. Reviewed the development of the market, 2009 years ago, dominated by 2 kg product in the central plains, the northeast region dominated by 3, 3.5, 4 kg of product. Began in 2010, as the demand of the users to upgrade, and technology upgrading of products, by the series 2 kg products for many years in the central plains to the 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 kg of product development, the northeast region to 6, 7, 8 kg even larger feed rate product development.

Valley of god stands alone, and the strong brand growth

Affected by the market positive, 2013 Chinese stretch wrapping machinemost brands have emerged in recent years, one of the few strong growth momentum. Market survey, the valley of god sales more than 30000 units, up 34.19% from a year earlier, the giant Ming and shandong gold sales are more than 3000 units, year-on-year growth of 87.29% and 11.98% respectively, especially huge Ming the fastest growth brand. Closed in luoyang, jiangsu world also have bigger growth.

From the competition in the market analysis, Chinese stretch wrapping machinemarket in 2013 continues the normal competition, competition is relatively flat, highly concentrated market share, sales before 8 enterprises accounted for as high as 97.6%. God harvester occupies 62% market share, compared with last year increased by 1%; Giant Ming, jin billion, followed by 7.1% and 6.7% of market share. Deere best union year-on-year decline, the proportion fell by 2.9%.

Maturity structure has not changed, 2014 market ups and downs

Chinese stretch wrapping machinemarket after years of development, from the "market development" and "development" two dimensions, small and medium-sized feed rate harvester has entered the market mature, mature; Large amount of feed harvester is in mature markets, but the industry remains to be further developed. In 2014, expects this pattern will not change, maturity means that the overall market won't have too big ups and downs.


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