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How to choose the pump fluid handling system in modern plant by horizontal stretch wrapper, designers and operators and managers of these devices is facing various health-related responsibilities, the responsibility is beyond the usual range of industrial product manufacturing. Due to the consumers of the final product is a public, product contamination must be avoided, the corrosion is not allowed, pumps and pipe system can make the fluid retention and bacterial growth of cracks and dead center is not acceptable.
In addition to the material selection and processing of food contact surfaces in the process of choice, the horizontal stretch wrapper industry must also choose the system maintenance, used for acidic and alkaline cleaning liquid pipeline and storage equipment, and choose to meet various environmental standards on the use of corrosive chemicals for water treatment equipment.
Food application requirements of pump, its manufacturing materials can not react with the product or in any way affect product flavor, color, and other features. Non-food contact fluid equipment design components to reduce maintenance and parking time, increase production and reduce the cost, etc., and related to knowledge and service suppliers of many uncertain factors.
A kind of use cause another use
Interest in plastic pump began 50 years ago, at that time created a Vanton flexible linear spiral rotary pump in order to satisfy the heart/lung surgery on the strict requirements of the pump. The original pump unique but simple structure restrict fluid contact only two basic components: solid plastic pump body and lining of rough synthetic rubber molding. It solves and pollution-free processing human blood or blood effect related to the two major problems. First of all, it avoids the metal contamination of all dangerous, because contact material of blood does not produce pollution or react with them. Second, it is soft movement in the process of blood is no damage to the blood cells. This pump is accepted another reason is that its simple structure. It does not contain the valve, sealing, packing and gasket. The disassembly cleaning and simple and easy to assemble.
Since then, in the chemical materials manufacturers like dupont, Doyle, Atofina, and other chemical company, with the help of new field was developed. They in development used to handle corrosive chemicals, acid, alkali, salt, solvent, a wide range of thermal plastic material at the forefront.
Advance in technology
horizontal stretch wrapper designers combine the new materials in the design of the cost - efficiency of the pump to meet the needs of expanding processing industry. Today there are about 150000 sets of this kind of flexible line pump - the total capacity of 40 GPM - used in the United States, but also in Europe is about double the number of pumps in use. In addition to the need to use these hot plastic rotating screw pump in low velocity to velocity down to deal with a wide range of sensitive and corrosive fluid, in order to deal with chemicals, food, medicine and related technology and industrial companies required higher conveying flow, the requirement of non-metallic pump is to use the new structure. horizontal stretch wrapper manufacturers have responded to this request.
Thermal plastic centrifugal pump design can obtain the form of horizontal and vertical structure, can be used for up to 1500 GPM flow and head up to 1500 ft, when temperature is 275 ° F or slightly higher can be continuous or intermittent use. They can to meet ANSI process pump type is decorated, can decorate in electromagnetic drive without sealing mechanism and the automatic starting device. Vertical pump has the ability to run dry, and has a unique segment length of shaft structure which allows for 50 ft. All these types can be used in the food industry, no metal components in contact with the fluid because of its design and construction.
Typical applications
Viscous mustard and vinegar
Flexible linear spiral rotary horizontal stretch wrapper allows them to deal with clarity and 6000 ssu viscous fluid, slurry and small particles uniform fluid. In this kind of device, with vinegar to ground level storage, then pump into the floor above a tank. Then it because of gravity flow into the ingredients, the ingredients in the jar with mustard seeds and salt. These mixed ingredients in a mixing/mixing tank, products made of mustard is pumped into a hopper and moved into the bottle on the conveyor belt.


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