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The Chinese packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


In the past five years, robotics technology in the packaging industry in China increased from 9.5% to 17.4 %, which, palletizing , packing , and pick and place applications in the field of robotics is most common. In addition, with the maturity and the realization of industrial robotics , scope of China's packaging industry in the field of application of the robot more widely. Packaging robots are more and more enterprises are aware, there will be more people because of its flexible and reliable advantage and choose to use it , the robot will replace many of the traditional equipment , an important aide packaging field .
Automation is an inevitable trend
Increasingly automated packaging machinery , automation and robotics technology as the most competitive technology for repeatable , fast , accurate, dangerous work. In addition , manufacturers are hoping to find lower production costs. Robot naturally took up this important role, because the robot can not only lead to lower costs, but also bring greater flexibility.
In an increasingly competitive domestic and international packaging industry today, China's packaging industry is moving in the direction of automation , are facing a serious situation, China's packaging industry must improve the technological content of products, take the road of professional development , relying on technological progress to promote development of the industry , the future development of automation is the future development trend of China 's packaging industry .
Currently, the packaging has become an essential part of people's lives , and because people's health awareness and safety awareness , consumer packaging industry in China has put forward higher requirements, packaging industrial robots are widely used in the packaging industry in China in help companies reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency , but also has to promote the development of China's packaging industry automation .
China Food Machinery network Xiaobian believe that with the "digital intelligent manufacturing " as the core of the third industrial revolution is coming, the level of development of robotic automation production line continues to improve, the packaging of industrial robots began to be widely used in the packaging industry in China and rapid development, which marked China's packaging industry has entered the stage of development of automation .


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