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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


China's stretch wrapping machine is still vast room for development , stretch wrapping machine packaging technology level to be urgent development needs. It is understood that the current domestic food and packaging machinery industry has entered a phase of consolidation to improve , enterprises should strengthen the brand development , improving new products, new technology research and development capabilities.
China's stretch wrapping machine and many more single -oriented , low-tech and automation , new technologies , new processes, new materials applied in small , can not meet the requirements of our current food enterprise development. Some food companies to technological innovation, and had to spend a lot of money to introduce advanced technology , high efficiency, high precision packaging , food packaging sets of production lines from abroad , resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands.
Today, industrial automation equipment developed in the study has a very mature , and this is the domestic equipment industry can not be compared with its . So to improve the degree of automation is an inevitable trend of future development of our industry are constantly want automated direction , the direction of the development of stretch wrapping machine must clearly and actively develop high degree of automation equipment.
Our packaging equipment rather late , without a complete exploration development process , are manufactured by the imitation of foreign advanced technology , technically there is no advantage. Professional and technical personnel training becomes essential , which is fundamental to the development of packaging equipment . And stretch wrapping machine is the need to integrate a wide range of technology, lack of professional R & D team make stretch wrapping machine can not very well go out .
With the continuous development of stretch wrapping machine to the quantity and cheap price to seize the market has ceased to be the main form of competition in the industry , with the quality and features will become mainstream to win the market , the industry should recognize gaps, strengthen technological innovation, and strive to enhance competition power, gain market initiative.
Insiders pointed toward the high-end stretch wrapping machine transition has been gradually revealing its strong momentum of development , automation, intelligent devices will be significantly improved. Currently, new with intelligent, automated features of the packaging will gradually replace the traditional models become the future mainstream. This is an effective way to get stretch wrapping machine enterprise for sustainable development , but also its ultimate goal conduct technical reform.
Development of stretch wrapping machine industry presents a huge potential for development. Although domestic stretch wrapping machine industry initiative to occupy the domestic market , but in terms of ability to meet the high-end equipment is still insufficient. Further improve the industry concentration, optimize the structure of production capacity , improve R & D and production capacity of high-end packaging equipment , packaging will become a world center of the target to achieve the basic requirements . .


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