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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


1, see the brand

Now stretch wrapping machine machine manufacturers cohabitation , more dealers and traders melee in which product quality is uneven . Under the premise of guaranteed price , product durability and quality , good after-sales and other aspects of the brand are guaranteed.

2, to see demand

You must first understand the procurement stretch wrapping machine machine is used in what context, domestic species have mold stretch wrapping machine machine, stretch wrapping machine machine , glass stretch wrapping machine are many different types of stretch wrapping machine machine for industry is different. Only to understand their needs , in order to buy products according to demand.

3, see aftermarket

Service is an important aspect of the test of the credibility of the brand . Many buyers suffered the embarrassment of missing service lag or when the machine malfunctions. To alleviate this embarrassing situation , machine factory store launched a dedicated call tracking service , from purchase orders to the transaction is successful, then the late after-sale tracking solely responsible for maintaining the interests of buyers all the way in the end .

4 , to see prices

Here the price is not the price of stretch wrapping machine itself , but the price plus any additional costs after . More remote procurement issues facing is responsible for logistics and transport cost control problem. If the procurement logistics costs plus a stretch wrapping  machine is much higher than the price of the machine itself psychological endurance range of buyers , this single transaction is clearly difficult to achieve.


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