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The Chinese horizontal stretch wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Packaging and processing business innovation permeate side angle side , including technology innovation, management innovation , and so on . Packaging industry how to improve their management level , mainly consists of the following angles :
You first need to make more and more technical personnel to participate in international standards of packaging machinery exhibition, to enable them to absorb foreign advanced design concept of packaging machinery , used in the actual design work.
Secondly , based on the actual use of the experience better brands of accessories and optional components to improve the performance of long-term use of the equipment , and spare parts for the construction of the appropriate use of traceability system. Again, by means of the construction of modern network resource sharing system , the company 's various interior design ideas, information resources, cutting-edge information can be quickly shared with the blend.
Finally , a comprehensive human resources in order to make the relationship with the company to retain talent introduction , so as to ensure the industry 's innovation with vigor.
Contemporary Shanghai , Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places some excellent domestic packaging machinery enterprises is on the rise , they already have a sound management system with R & D team , with the emphasis on research and development of innovative ideas allows companies to continue to grow, the product has been subject to foreign users.
Faced with broad use of the market as well as foreign companies take the lead in bringing competitive pressure , China's packaging machinery industry, there are many areas for improvement . Important moment in the moment the industry is facing a new round of restructuring, technological upgrading, updating products , domestic enterprises need through independent innovation, improve their management level and other means to enhance their competitiveness.


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