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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Lasting days of haze make people feel scik but sigh "even breathing is pain", recently, the city environmental protection bureau released by the hangzhou downtown AQI air quality index in more than 300. However, which also makes them green energy-saving concept is more and more deeply in the heart, as the international economic situation continues to weaken, cooperated many businesses will control, save costs listed as priority, at present most of the stretch wrapping machinery has achieved energy saving reconstruction.

Fog outside

Days of haze days, let Shanghai is a bit like "great smog of 1952 events in London:" PM2.5 index hit the 300 mark at, land, sea and air transportation comprehensive affected; Local strong fog visibility of less than 50 meters place; Hospitals surge in the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases, people snapped up masks and air purifier; Many citizens of microblogging and micro letter by various haze as brush screen, the "Shanghai" released on December 5, 40 article 20 associated with haze in weibo...

Poisonous fog let citizens' happiness, but suffering from the disaster of "toxic haze" is not only in Shanghai. Since winter, xinhua news agency reported the largest range of a haze is hanging over the country, from north China to the southeast coastal even in southwest China, has 25 provinces and cities suffered varying degrees of haze weather. So cruel, it turns out, the fog haze days is not a "patent" in Beijing.

From the analysis of the environmental protection departments can see, lingering around the cause of the haze has certain "personality". Haze, for example, Shanghai is a major cause of recent adverse weather conditions caused by pollutants continuous accumulation, and nanjing haze is associated with a large number of burning straw in north jiangsu. Haze formation "common", however, there are many - for example, a large number of motor vehicle exhaust, backward way of heating and the excess emissions of industrial waste gas, etc.

In places such as Shanghai people bitter to haze, suffering from "toxic haze" at ordinary times in Beijing, after a few days the air quality in good level. On the social media platforms such as weibo, micro letter, Beijing's friends was like a holiday with all kinds of pictures of the blue sky white clouds, this scene XinXuNanPing letting a person. The fresh air, healthy environment this is the bottom line requirement of city life, but they now has become a luxury.

Energy saving technology in perfect

Electromagnetic heating  technology is a new type of high frequency heating technology, through the research and development of scientific research personnel, to produce high frequency heating system energy conservation and environmental protection, heat efficiency is increased to 90% (99.8%). Based on installation test in the stretch wrapping processing enterprises, energy conservation and environmental protection high frequency heating system for stretch wrapping processing enterprises, energy-saving effect is very obvious, save electricity up to 30% to 70% fully embodies its advantage of energy saving, save a large amount of electricity cost for stretch wrapping processing enterprises, improve the production efficiency, improve the workshop environment, thereby directly reduce the indirect costs of production.

Electromagnetic heating saver is a kind of using the electromagnetic induction principle converts electrical energy to electromagnetic energy for heating device. Electromagnetic heating appliances will be 220 v, 50/60 hz ac rectifier into direct current, then direct current is converted into frequency for 20-40 KHZ high frequency high voltage. Electromagnetic heating equipment adopts special high temperature resistant cable, high-speed change of high frequency high voltage electric current through the coil produces alternating magnetic field, high speed change when the magnetic field lines inside the magnetic field through the guide magnetic metal material in metal body when they produce a myriad of small eddy current, make the metal material itself to high fever, so as to achieve the ideal effect of heating.

Servo injection molding machine can not only save resources, reduce cost, also can improve quality, improve the working condition, but in the composition of the cost of injection products, electricity accounted for a considerable proportion, according to the demand of the injection molding machine equipment technology, the traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor power consumption up to 80% of the total consumption is 90%.

At present, the servo energy-saving technology, has been successfully applied to the injection molding machine, than ordinary quantitative pump injection molding machine and energy saving up to 80%, than the variable pump energy saving up to 50%, at the same time, improve production efficiency by more than 10%, injection molding machine manufacturers have started mass production, will quickly become home to the mainstream products.

Policy support

Officially issued by the dongguan city ten thousand injection molding machine servo energy-saving reform pilot scheme "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), decided in 2013-2017, guide the use of injection molding machine enterprise complete 10000 injection molding machine servo energy-saving reform or update. Modification is finished, save electricity can realize years about 500 million KWH.

Dongguan using injection molding machine is given priority to with stretch wrapping manufacturing industry of enterprise, "the plan" also explicitly servo energy-saving reform pilot will with key energy-using units, especially stretch wrapping manufacturing enterprise as the main body. At the same time, the scheme of the transformation of injection molding machine 10000 within five years is decomposed tasks, 1000, 2013, 2014, 2015 to 2500, 2016, 2017, 2000 respectively.

To be sure, injection molding machine servo energy-saving reform cannot leave the enterprise cooperate actively. In order to ensure the reform smoothly, from "dongguan science and technology" project in dongguan allocated 30 million yuan in special funds for special support fund, subsidies for injection molding machine servo modification or update project. In 2013-2017, respectively arranged money 3 million yuan, 7.5 million yuan, 3 million yuan, 3 million yuan and 6 million yuan.


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