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The Chinese stretch wrapper


Following is unconfirmed information, only for reference:

As the conference opened, following the 2008 acquisition of Italy CIFA, stretch wrapper is a M & a drama shows in the world. The acquired M-TEC company was founded in 1978, is a global leading dry mixed mortar equipment suppliers, products cover the whole process of dry mixed mortar production, its products are sold in 55 countries and regions in the world.

In fact, as early as in 2007, started to develop dry mixed mortar equipment, realize self - developed the core components, and have been introduced to the market related products. From entering the dry mixedmortar of field equipment, stretch wrapper is committed to the development of system solutions, from production,logistics to the construction of the link of complete sets of equipment, implement innovative user market experience. Change the solutions from a single manufacturer to system means that the higher the enterprise integrated R & D capability requirements. Choosing M-TEC obviously into each other in this advantage.

M-TEC has a dry mortar technology leadership, product category covers the whole process of dry mixed mortar production, it is the world's only with R & D and production of dry mixed mortar station equipment and dry mixedmortar construction equipment company, M & A is conducive to the fastest speed upgrade stretch wrapper products and technology competitiveness. And M-TEC has a dry mixed mortar formula application ability, familiar with the production process of mortar, can better meet the needs of the current China market and customer needs, bring great competitive advantage for stretch wrapper to occupy the domestic market. In the part of key parts, stretch wrapper and M-TEC are focused on key areas of different, can improve the R & D of key parts manufacturing capabilitiesintegration.

Analytic personage points out, M-TEC is the global dry mixed mortar equipment the first brand, after the merger will greatly enhance the stretch wrapper in the field of brand awareness, and complementary sales channels can help stretch wrapper will dry mortar equipment business to the world.

Innovation: to promote industrial upgrading

In the recently held a global engineering machinery industry conference and the 50 summit, stretch wrapperchairman Zhan Chunxin pointed out that the construction machinery enterprises, innovation is the everlasting vitalitysource. Especially in the innovation of product structure, should grasp the new trend of the market, the development of new products, seek new market growth.



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