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The Chinese stretch wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

China's packaging machinery industry started late, after nearly a decade of development , Chinese stretch wrapper in all aspects has made great progress, is currently engaged in the production of food and packaging machinery companies reached about 7,000 , but more than 95% for SMEs , the lack of industry leading companies , the extensive mode of economic growth , low product profitability , competitiveness is not strong , economic growth, efficiency improvement still depends mainly on the size of pull. Compared to exist at present China's packaging machinery industry, productivity and operating efficiency counterparts obvious gap with the industrialized countries , China's stretch wrapper industry from small to large , from weak to strong leap needed arduous efforts.
Facing the new situation and new challenges, packaging machinery companies must plan ahead, positive change in the development of ideas, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness , effectively promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry . The situation in the brutal competition in the market situation and packaging machinery companies have cornered the cliff . Just simply producing a strong powerful void , is an illusion , a single channel deepening and intensification of already unable to solve the problem. Only through innovative channels , the introduction of new marketing model to achieve increased profitability , in order to make packaging machinery enterprises to truly come out from the predicament .
As e-commerce in the packaging machinery industry, the rise of new business models , in contrast, traditional stretch wrapper with the perfect blend of modern e-commerce , not only saves manpower, financial and material resources , and effectively expand business channels, reducing the transaction restrictions chains, independent of time and space to accelerate information flow, capital flow , business flow and logistics interface and interaction . Heilongjiang packaging machinery already have and use the fast-growing packaging machinery industry resources , the fastest , most direct packaging machinery industry into China market , for the majority of business enterprises , to provide consumers with an online trading market , information resource platform and business cooperation platform .
Fhope stretch wrapper and packaging industry with the current classification of the most complete, the most powerful information platform for information dissemination and information queries to specialized industry information technology and strong network of comprehensive services in the packaging machinery industry enterprises. Ads in Fhope stretch wrapper online , not only to attract more customers to browse the industry , but also the corporate image more professional, help strengthen the company's brand image .
Packaging machinery business in the traditional way purchases and sales of products , high costs squeezed corporate profit margins , thus limiting the development of enterprises. Heilongjiang packaging machinery is to help the advantages of the Internet business model change this inequality , by building industry portal platform for buyers and sellers to provide information exchange services and trading platform for delivery to modern network marketing to provide new effective for enterprises marketing model, marketing will not only enable enterprises to reduce costs, reduce human input , and can find customers in a wider range of markets , creating a more flexible operational space for the enterprise.
China nearly one million packaging and related enterprises need to find an information exchange platform in the information age , and build a new profit growth point. Heilongjiang packaging machinery with the precision of market and customer orientation become stretch wrapping machine industry information services and e-commerce leader , is committed to providing an effectively achieve " production, supply and " integration , quick response to market changes , enhance the core competitiveness the new development path .


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