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The Chinese stretch hood machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Stretch hood machine is suitable for stacking on pallets of goods after the Road Transport packaging, warehousing packaging. This stretch hood film packing equipment has been fully domestically, compared with the traditional and Shrink Wrapping Machine, the advantage of the small footprint, low consumption of raw materials, low energy consumption, especially the impact of higher chemical raw materials for  stretch hood film packaging to temperature changes, with a obvious advantages, packaged with a smooth surface and visual effects, with dust, moisture, reduce packaging costs, etc., to add color to your product.

We live in order to save energy while paying era. We take seriously the problem of energy conservation : the localization of stretch hood machine in terms of price or in the energy consumption, will showcase can save you a lot of money and energy. The device has to show you that we expect the new structure. You just tell us how far you are packing your product . You will be surprised to find how much you can save the amount .
To save space within the package regions
Small means efficient. Per square meter packaging areas are costly . stretch hood machine designers to save space to make a special effort . Significantly better than its footprint area Shrink Wrapping machines and dryers.
Saving installation and maintenance time


stretch hood film manufacturer

 Stretch hood film supplier in China offering a compitable price and high quality hood material for automatic hood wrapper.

stretch hood machine designers to focus attention on the quality of the country on all the details. Attention to detail design means that you can very easily install this new area in the stretch hood packaging machine. In addition, the logical architecture of the machine allows maintenance technicians can easily repair. Maintenance work several jobs to become simple .Experience the localization of cold shrink technology
As will cultivate healthy families and healthy children as domestic stretch hood machine can be used for a variety of sizes of pallets. The stretch hood film packing device can be used in virtually all types and sizes of products. The stretch hood packaging speeds up to 200 pallets per hour , while also reducing energy consumption equipment .


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