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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


With the continuous development of new environmentally friendly industry , people on environmental protection requirements are also increasing, as new environmentally friendly wood material used in the field of home improvement has become increasingly broad. Forecast on the application stage, the future will replace the current wood commonly used in home decoration wood flooring has become one of the key directions of development.
Three years ago, a new type of environmentally friendly materials as wood , but also few people know .
After two years of promotion, from the Mausoleum in Nanjing Confucius Temple , Xuanwu Lake , Huangshan scenic Bali Bay and other scenic spots in Taiwan , the Beijing Olympic Games , Shanghai World Expo venues , to the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other European countries , can see the application of WPC products become more widespread, extensive.


stretch hood film manufacturer

 Stretch hood film supplier in China offering a compitable price and high quality hood material for automatic hood wrapper.

What is stretch hood film material ?
The so-called stretch hood film , is the use of plastic and natural wood fiber , using a special process , such as extrusion , injection molding , compression molding and other products .
WPC is the main component of plastics and natural fibers. Compared with traditional wood, stretch hood film biggest advantage is a large contribution to the environment , saving wood help protect the ecological environment , no paint to avoid contamination of the environment, after the retirement of recyclable and no secondary pollution. Wood products has not painting , the advantages are not afraid of water , about 10 years after the end of the cycle, can also be recycled.
It is understood that wood is mainly used for outdoor landscape and water features , wood is 3-10 times the normal useful life of the wood .
WPC materials in the field of industry
2010 Shanghai World Expo in China is undoubtedly the most impressive museum , the shape of the ancient cap " Oriental Crown" was positively red , with echoes of a museum around a large mahogany -colored floor. The existing wood floor texture , but also of wood grain , but in fact they are not made ​​of wood flooring , but this new type of environmentally friendly material called stretch hood film .
It is understood that the color of wood can be adjusted according to the recipe , the choice of mahogany color solemn atmosphere , against the background of the Chinese pavilion style.
During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Park also purchased thousands of tons of wood products for the construction of plank and chairs. Each use of a ton of wood products, the equivalent of reducing pollution 60,000 discarded plastic bags , equivalent to 30 years of age 1.5 felling of eucalyptus , with profound environmental significance.
Deputies suggested to develop environmentally friendly wood industry
National People's Congress , Professor Zhen Building Resources and Environmental Science , East China Normal University, College believes WPC is a specialized "digest" waste wood , waste plastics environmentally friendly materials. Although China is currently the largest producer of wood , but there are backward technology, production can be dispersed , national standards lag issues of industrial development , need to overcome these bottlenecks . Zhen floor suggested that countries want to support the wood industry as a key environmental protection industry in R & D investment , administrative examination and approval , loan financing , sales taxes, product promotion and application of government procurement and other aspects of favorable policies and preferential ; while strengthening the WPC technology product development efforts to support business innovation , training support backbone enterprises ; develop a unified national standard wood industry , wood industry to promote universal materials , specialized equipment , products, high-end direction.
Status and prospects of development of new wood materials outlook
WPC New Material has many advantages , but in our daily lives , but rarely see such material, is what causes this condition? One is to promote not enough, another important reason is the price . Not expected to exceed 10 years will certainly replace the current wood flooring home improvement process commonly used in solid wood flooring.
WPC product development prospect in China promising not only in the world are optimistic , we believe that this is not just because the product itself has excellent features, but the main thing is its use of resources and the importance of the cycle of the decision on environmental protection the .
North America is one of the richest regions in the world timber resources , but also the fastest growing region in the development of wood industry , because they cherish the natural wood resources , the importance of environmental protection. China is a timber resource-poor countries , due to the excessive felling of green trees destroyed the barrier , dust storms intensified, frequent natural disasters , so the current government 's special attention to the recycling of resources and protection of the ecological environment , which is the development of wood products to create a very good environment, coupled with the excellent performance of WPC product itself , I believe that a comprehensive alternative to ordinary wood timber foregone conclusion .
Currently on the market price of one square meter of wood flooring in the 200-300 yuan , higher than solid wood flooring length , which is much higher than the proportion of wood because wood . Of course , in order to log in on the market as soon as possible alternative , wood must first be " self-worth ." stretch hood film  first to achieve " self-worth ."
From the current overall form , the wood into the interior decoration industry is still in its infancy , we must first change processes, reduce costs ; Furthermore, we need to re-establish sales channels , marketing , certainly good prospects .


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