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The Coil packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


"coil packing machine outside China, especially to strengthen the cooperation with steel market countries, is the drive to help the transformation and upgrading of national infrastructure. And it also help digest Chinese excess capacity, improve the quality of the coil packing machine and service level, will benefit the bilateral and multilateral, is not only beneficial to china-eu cooperation, but also to the world." Premier li keqiang arrived in Romania, local time, 25, was intensive diplomatic activities on "sell" Chinesecoil packing machine, Hungary announced the cooperative project of railway.

Dong Xiaojun, assistant director of the national school of administration economics professor, said in the coil packing machine manufacturing industry as the "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power" of the breakthrough, has the strategic significance of reality. As from the era of "made in China" to "Chinesecoil packing machine era", China manufacturing status in the global value chain is to "smile" on both ends of the upgrade.

Global value chain is a "double-edged sword"

Dong Xiaojun pointed out that in the past 30 years, Chinese rapid economic growth thanks to the participation of global industrial chain and value chain. But the global value chain is the "double-edged sword" : on the one hand, the global value chain shaped manufacturing system in China, the Chinese out of poverty and backwardness. China, on the other hand, if the long-term settlement of the low end, the global value chain will be in a "middle-income trap". It can be said that at present Chinese industry status in the global value chain, is "there are wolves in before and after the tiger", are being sandwiched between. Chinese exports to get rid of the impression of small commodity manufacturing, must be out of the value chain of low-end, comprehensive build dominated by high-end manufacturing industry structure.

"So, for us as a big country with employment pressure, how to achieve industrial upgrading, and to solve the employment pressure? Ideally, our country manufacturing industry can not only make leather shoes and socks, and can make the aircraft and rockets. So what to make? Is depend on the coil packing machine." Dong Xiaojun said.

The coil packing machine manufacturing industry is a strategic industry of a country and a sign of industrial rise, is a foundation and the core competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry. The coil packing machine manufacturing industry as the backbone of modern industrial system, and the other will guide is strong, the whole construction machinery industry correlation, high employment, save energy and resources, high value-added industries. In the coil packing machine manufacturing industry as the "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power" of the breakthrough, has the strategic significance of reality.


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