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The Coil packing machine:


As a key steel coil wrapping machine county, located in Chang Shanxian xinhui port district rich car bearing forging processing project since its launch in September this year, maintained in an orderly way for the coil wrapping machine of the schedule, at present, the first phase of the foundation and basis of the division has been completed.

In Chang Shanxian rui chi car bearing forging processing project coil wrapping machine site, and the main responsibility behind five qualitative inspect branch is on site acceptance for the project foundation division.

Rui chi car bearing forging processing project is Chang Shanxian investment promotion project in 2013, a total investment of 51.86 million yuan, the project coil wrapping machine of the two phases, the phase of the project officially launched on September 17, October 20, a basis of earthwork excavation, a total investment of 20 million yuan.

In the coil wrapping machine site, on the foundation of the assessment team all staff carefully investigates the structure and size of measurement. Look, a plant more than 3700 square meters and complex building more than 1000 square meters of ground casting has been completed, the workers are clear of coil wrapping machine waste, while in the factory walls during the coil wrapping machine of a nervous, too.

Chang Shanxian rui chi car bearing forging processing project manager Ding Ruiwei: field geological condition is complicated, on the west side of workshop is strongly weathered... By building the east a geological or backfill soil, is soft soil backfill soil depth is deep, reaching nearly more than 7 meters depth.

Because of the complicated foundation, affected by rock and silt geology, the early stage of the project schedule has certain delay, but after more than a month of grasping the coil wrapping machine, to complete the foundation and basis of division, now has completed thirty percent of the total quantity.

Ding Ruiwei Chang Shanxian rui chi car bearing forging processing project manager: then we are going to a large number of input resources are the main body coil wrapping machine, strive to finish all the body before the Spring Festival.

First phase of the project is completed, rich bearing capacity of 4 million sets of bearing forging and car parts production line will start installation and debugging, is expected to put into production after the annual output can reach 5000 yuan to 70 million yuan.

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