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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

" All members of the World Label Association will be held this year, we have been impressed that the association is responsible for all the people from nine countries and regions are very concerned about environmental topics ." Li Xin , general manager of Shenzhen Great Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2013 Europe International Exhibition on Rotate rign stretch wrapper information sharing meeting said so. Blue sky and white clouds allow Chinese visitors to European and American countries envy . Participants were representatives of enterprises believe that printing companies in the use of printing technology and methods , should consider how to make easy operation , while reducing pollution and save energy.
According to reports, one of the tasks of this delegation trip to Europe is to understand , study abroad label industry waste disposal and recycling . They have visited the paper giant UPM 's Landtek company (Raflatac) and the World Label Association (Finat). The company's Asia-Pacific president Landtek system introduced in PPT form their label industry waste treatment processes and economic analysis , the staff of the World Label Association is playing a video label waste disposal .
"In Europe , not only used as a combustion waste generation, land reclamation , and the synthesis process can be decomposed , such as paper silicone paper backing paper can be removed again , PET, OPP after the end of paper can become raw plastics processing industry, with printing ink can be made of scrap building materials or industrial raw materials . " China printing and Rotate rign stretch wrapper equipment Industries Association introduced the branch adviser Fu Qiang case . His live shows in Europe back from the paper and plastic insulation insulation material .
At present , Europe has emerged specialized processing factories and institutions . Some , such as UPM and other listed companies, not only recycle their scrap , waste paper printing also external recycling waste, waste disposal and these are free. "These big companies listed on recycling , open to the whole industry . Printing requires different colors , shapes end of paper separate from the discharge of waste paper core tube removed, will be posted on the label paper core tube removed, in accordance with the provision of bags You can put up . " Fu Qiang Road.
Such work is like a garbage processing, customer waste is utilized, a 40% reduction of carbon emissions. While printing contributed to environmental protection , access to legal recognition . In Europe , printing waste socialization prototype has been created, the government policy of subsidies , printing waste by recycling network processing and proper financial compensation , professional treatment plant science to deal with these wastes , avoiding the two secondary pollution , creating economic benefits.
Standardization of the process has not yet started work . In China, waste disposal is a problem printing has become a burden on domestic enterprises. Specifically, the current domestic waste disposal companies in different ways , some companies away your local sanitation department , pay the cost of printing ; some cooperation with individual companies , conduct waste treatment ; several businesses located in remote areas will be directly thrown into the waste site on . Fu Qiang example introduced Road, Hebei, a printing business, simply their own waste incineration , which caused energy waste and environmental pollution.


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