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The Chinese rotate arm wrapping machine:


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Endless discussion: how the media landscape as we know it ?
For quite some time , this never-ending discussion annoyance with the media industry : How do we know it will be the future media landscape print media do, or say that we are not only surfing in cyberspace media world with this ? ? Meanwhile , newspapers in many countries of the world shows great growth , new newspapers to promote the market, a number of newspaper circulation rose up again , so what should actually be the case ? show a different new developments on the market trend, we introduce some of these trends , you can generate your own point of view .
For more flexibility
A slogan for the target group. Content should be adapted to the needs of readers , in order to improve the quality of the newspaper to give a better chance of survival . Moreover, even to the regionalization of local content is happening today : the new newspaper model has entered the market. Today, international cooperation newspapers and local newspapers , international free newspaper printed in different countries , the target audience for newspapers and multi-lingual newspaper in the newspaper market in the world is not seen.
Dear Mr. Doe - this is your newspaper
Newspaper publishers and printing companies have been seeking to improve the packing by rotate arm wrapping machine, to find a new business model. As illustrated in the example above, the target is more personalized newspaper , to meet everyone's needs : the need for information and the reader needs hobbies, preferences and entertainment ; advertiser demand for advertising for the target group of senior ; finally publisher revenue and demand for success . For a long period of time, have been able to use inkjet printing manner subscriber address printed on the cover of the newspaper , but the quality is quite good. Now the ink jet printing paper which can be printed . The reason is to improve the quality of treatment and the progress of the printing of variable data , which is integrated into Roland newspaper presses by an ink jet head as shown, the print head in cooperation with Kodak : The first full speed of 15m per second the case of printing the printing ink jet industrialized integrated solutions.
Dazzling trends and unlimited creativity
Today , more and more publishers consider using headset and coldest technology to make their newspapers glossier, more attractive , more interesting. The advantage is obvious: exquisite headset printing products can bring new business models , improve product quality and diversity , generate new advertising opportunities. The creative concept not only daily newspaper printed an advertisement or insert luxury goods opportunities, but also to meet the many readers of the newspaper as the information is no longer just the media , but also as an entertainment product demand.
Advertising departments also another way . These ideas are printed on paper from the transparent ink or neon ink, to use a special odor ink advertising. Screen newspaper ads as well as eye-catching special folding means, such as ultra- panoramic folding , which means that four full page newspaper folio consisting of half the cover , which is covered with a half-page newspaper page , or made with fly half page newspaper page located at the back of the stack.


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