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The Chinese rotate arm wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


At present , although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranked first in the traditional industries , but with the international market , you have to accelerate the development of packaging technology , make it to the economic, efficient and multi-direction . China in recent years as the deep processing of agricultural products total investment of over 320 billion yuan , processing and packaging equipment imported more than 80% .
As in many areas of the national economy supporting industries , packaging machinery industry to benefit from the prosperity of other industries , technological progress and its ancillary services can also be counterproductive in other industries. It provides advanced technology and equipment for the packaging industry , packaging products to ensure high quality, high efficiency, multi-species , low-cost, high environmental protection, thereby gaining a strong vitality , bring enormous social and economic benefits.
As food , medicine and other fields huge demand for packaging , packaging machinery maintained a remarkable pace. Meanwhile intelligent, automated , controllable , compatibility of the technical requirements for the domestic packaging machinery manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements.
China's packaging machinery products because fewer varieties , low level of technology , product reliability was poor , faced with fierce international competition. In particular, China nearly five years to accelerate the development of deep processing of agricultural products , building a conservation -oriented society , the development of circular economy and strengthen technological innovation , the formation of a new round of technology introduction climax.
Packaging machinery manufacturers increasingly focus on the development fast , low -cost packaging equipment, equipment to small , flexible, multi-purpose, high-efficiency direction. This trend also includes save time , reduce costs, and therefore the packaging industry is a combination of the pursuit , simple technology , mobile packaging equipment.
Through imitation, the introduction of technology and capital , and global sourcing , etc., China packaging machinery manufacturing level , and the rapid development of industrial design . Today, China 's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises have easy access to some of the key components through global sourcing , to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of the equipment . But the overall level and the United States, Germany and other developed countries are still far from.
In today's market , many people want to see the results but also the results of our tireless efforts in the development of the road , so that our products may be raised in a safe and powerful environment. Packaging machinery is now mature, our market will get better enhance the development.


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