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The Chinese rotate arm wrapping machine:


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In recent years, with the development of stretch machinery and equipment industry , the impact of noise corresponding resource consumption and mechanical equipment have on the environment is growing. In stretch packaging machinery industry also highlight environmental issues . So take the path of development of energy-saving green environmental protection , efforts to seize the opportunity to become a major task for the future development of the industry .
As we all know , is the life science and technology , but also the power companies . In the stretch industry, machinery , packaging machinery automation development well. Control systems continue to improve , so that also tend to develop intelligent . Such as improved detection technology , not only can display the current position of the machine faults can predict failure may occur , so that the operator can check and timely replacement of related accessories, effectively avoid failure. RMON is an innovative application of food packaging machinery , our customers can unify and co-ordinate all the machines running remote monitoring , the enterprise is a big convenience.
According to statistics , from January to September 2013 , cumulative production of packaging equipment for 76,386 units, up 4.13% ; metal containers cumulative production of 80,618,818 cubic meters , an increase of 4.12% cumulative Chinese domestic demand for packaging machinery . large amounts of , but because of domestic packaging machinery technology can not meet the needs of enterprises , to make the domestic packaging machinery and equipment imports increased.
This shows the packaging machinery industry prospects, but the lack of competitiveness of domestic equipment , and therefore , according to the status quo of China's stretch machinery enterprises must seize the opportunity to accelerate technology updates . In addition , our government should also take appropriate incentives to vigorously promote the transformation of stretch machinery companies , stretch packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises to help break through the difficulties of capital and technology .


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