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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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Name: Ribbon-via Conituous-rolled Case Making Machine(RLD-8001300) Features and Performance: 1. The machine is designed and produced by our team in line with the most advanced technology on the planet ( initial original producer in nearby marketplace) 2. The machine adopts personal computer management system, servo electric motor framework. 3. With functions including photocell automated monitoring, empty/ color handbag-producing move, microcomputer duration setting, automated counting, automated alarm when reaching the establish body, auto temp management. 4. Equipped with mechanised gadget for features for example automobile slicing, punch pit, half-circular golf hole, strip-go-via, strip relocating, aspect securing, underside sealing, position-reducing, collapsable, constant rolled and roll individual and so forth. 5. This machine can produce ongoing-rolled strip-by means of variety garbage case, steady-roll toned case and regular toned bag. Characteristics and Performance: 1. It adopts small pc make contact with monitor to manage, a few-phase mixing up engine to drag material; And creating item quantity might be put in place openly. 2. It is actually suitable for a myriad of moulds, straightforward operations. Item Identification: ZX-HB Organize: Make-case machine collection Name: ZX-HB Automated Smooth Bag Loop Wielding Case-producing Machine ZX-HB Auto Delicate Purse Loop Welding Handbag-creating Machine: Characteristics: This machine built with moving engine promoting system. They have functions including accurate material sealing, conveying and cutting specific material securing within the centre of case. Main Technological Variables : Case Thickness : 250-600mm Case Duration: Max.700mm Case Fullness: .05-.2mm Strength: AC220V Rate: 20pcs/mm General Sizing 1650*1560* 1240mm