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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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Product or service Information This machine is true for no-woven components. It can make many kinds of luggage for example vest hand bags,loop deal with luggage, toned luggage, and ribbon-by means of hand bags for shoes and purse and so on. It is equipped with pc touch screen, step motor to manage the length and photograph electric power to track, accurately and steadily. You can find control units like vehicle-keeping track of growing, automobile-punching and so forth., which can make the completed merchandise properly-closed and good slicing with high efficiency and speed.It is really an best environmentally friendly security travelling bag creating equipment. Application range Material: numerous substance movies Roll foldable: optimum width: 850mm.optimum diameter: 600mm. Adaptability Bagging speed150 parts/min(mechanized style rate),approx.40m/minutes Bagging width: Maximum width 400mm. Bagging duration: 50~1920mm,If the set up plan is previously mentioned 320mm,it is going to immediately change into numerous conveyances. Information: The exact operation velocity will minimize for that purpose of distinction in the bag type and material. Warping mode Fabrication: place the warp beam horizontally, with V fold assistance, and pneumati-cally locking mechanism. Management: pressure is quickly managed by skating roller, magnet natural powder braking system,displacement detector and many others. Traveling mode Providing traction: driven by Air conditioning servomotor. Higher & reduce closing press: motivated by AC servomotor. Characteristics Temp: ~300 level? speak to-free automated control,CRT exhibiting Automatic count: presetting is offered. Conveyance of completed case: conveyance quantity can be obtained. Punching product: time might be preset,ongoing or period of time punching is accessible Operating mode: publishing, low-printing. Function of numerous conveyances: 2 times to 6 times conveyance. Way of measuring for span: length among shade scales can be assessed photo electrically. Information aler shed of photo electricity, dropped of temperature, warping atarm,servomotor alarm and vehicle-shut down the machine. Electricity-use settings Serving traveling Air conditioning electric motor: 1. kw×2~ 2. kw Upper & reduce driving a car AC motor unit: 2.2kw×1~2.2kw Warping grip engine: .75kw×1~.75kw Aspect heating close off system: 4.0kw×3~12.0kw Lateral warmth seal gadget: 4.0kw×3~12.0kw Manage system and others: 3kw Overall: Approx.35kw Petrol strain: .6MPa(6kgf/cm2) Chilling normal water : Approx.15L/min Measurement(L×W×H)12000 ×1400×1750mm Gross bodyweight of equipment: Approx.5000kg Control mode Adopts the business manage equipment, home-based displayer. Adopts a number of photoelectric manage.