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The Chinese stretch hood machine


Following is unconfirmed information, only for reference:


Leaders of the new government has indicated that GDP growth will no longer be the top priority , while the focus of economic work shift optimized structure of economic growth .
 To avoid aggravating the overcapacity crisis , China has turned to stimulating investment "micro- stimulus" massive stimulus from the past , so-called micro- stimulation, including tax cuts for SMEs , reduce export costs , increase IT and telecommunications infrastructure investment , increase investment in environmental protection and so on, this series of highly targeted policies , different from the previous large-scale economic stimulus policies , and provide funds directly from the government , not the past, large-scale lending by banks .
 This shows that the government has realized that the past is just massive economic stimulus drastic severe economic crisis , in essence, for the healthy growth of the poison deep economic entity in the foreseeable few years , this stimulation does not occur again .
 Specific to the manufacturing sector , the government should continue to deepen economic stimulus to two areas:
 The first is an emerging field , including new materials , information consumption , biotechnology and other , more typical is the field of telecommunications infrastructure , at present, the Ministry is deploying 4G licenses issued , once started 4G, telecommunications infrastructure investment will usher in another peak period .
 The second is the full release of private economic activity , encourage private capital to enter some of the control fields.
 Then from the micro-level , which is the company point of view , one needs to balance the relationship between demand and capacity is expected inventories ; on the other hand , the need to further optimize the industrial structure, accelerate industrial upgrading.


stretch hood film manufacturer

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 The scale of production and inventory and market demand is expected to be matched to suit the expansion of short-term gains , undoubtedly harm than good, and soon it will allow enterprises in crisis , therefore , enterprises should reasonably be expected to assess market demand , pursuant to adjust production capacity and inventory scale .
 More importantly , companies need to optimize the industrial structure, accelerate industrial upgrading. China's economy is undergoing rapid innovation and change among businesses need to adapt to this change, the advent of the information age requires companies spending must be upgraded in all aspects of self- procurement, production, marketing and use of its advantages in looking at new areas opportunities.


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