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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



Zephyr is really a circulation-pack servo aided horzontal wrapping machine for creating wraps hermetically sealed on three aspects coming from a reel of heatseal wrapping substance. The machine has been developed with cantilevered major structure and matched up flawlessly to a series of intelligent feeding solutions. Perfect for medium sized rate packaging.
Full accessibility and Hygiene on each side
Cantilevered machine development; the electrical and mechanical parts are housed independently in the back of the machine, whilst the front side is free from obstruction and thus quick and easy to clean up in every single level, apparent or invisible. Products
Bakery and chocolate products, Iced beef patties
Zephyr packs caffeine tablets.
A lot more
Entirely cantilivered frame with break up dish.
4 servo motivated axis.
4 finwheel units i.e. frosty, two warmed, collapse-over.
Warmth and cold closing gear.
Servo powered loosen up feed rollers.
Automatic film splicer.
Pneumatic blocking dual reel owners.
Coloured touchscreen display.
Diplay on equipmentdiagnagnostic and staus, generation info and security alarms.
Make contact with merchandise elements in stainless-steel.
Chain with cantilivered pusher appropriate.
Two-way produce enrollment device.
Powered best remember to brush at release belt.
Ejector for vacant increase packges.
Total series of infeed conveyors.
Computer programming and reading device.
Air conditioning dish on longitudinal closing tires.
Dish-leading sequence.
Vacuum system.
Revised surroundings packaging.
No space, No seal operate.
No merchandise, No document function.
Very long Dwell crimper system.
Mechanised or oxygen gussting device.
Total steel version.



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