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With the Beijing national modern agriculture science and technology (hereinafter referred to as Beijing agricultural city) for the construction of the city, in 2010, the Beijing municipal science and technology commission launched the "research and industrialization of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper systematic integration" research project, and since then intelligent agricultural machinery equipment industry chain of technological innovation an run up.

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper research project by Beijing agricultural intelligent equipment and technology research center of Beijing agricultural machinery research institute, Beijing Beijing universal technology co., LTD. Peng and the academy of agricultural mechanization, from "intelligent agricultural machinery and curing and application", "agricultural sensor and detecting instrument research application", "efficient seedling and planting mechanization system research and application of" three aspects has carried on the research and development and the systematic integration application, in just a few years' time, is developed to adapt to our country agricultural production with high technology content, low cost, convenient and practical optical liquid integration land leveling equipment, fine a small amount of sowing wheat and monitoring equipment, precision fertilizer equipment, injection variable pesticide spraying machine, intelligent irrigation facilities, environment, and the precision applying pesticide plant protection devices, biological sensors information, environmental information sensor, intelligent gentle seedling grafting machine system, efficient, intelligent transplanting equipment and factory matrix production key equipment such as a number of intelligent horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, intelligent equipment technology in agricultural seeding, transplanting, seedling, grafting, irrigation, fertilization, detection, spraying has been applied in the process of the industrial chain, such as cumulative application across the country agricultural intelligent equipment 2275 units (sets), radiation area of 2.45 million mu, the economic and social benefit more than 5300 ten thousand yuan, to make Beijing agricultural intelligent equipment brand, promote the development of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper industry chain provides a powerful technical support.

Strengthen the intelligent equipment industry chain business functions

In recent years, the intelligent equipment industry to develop agriculture in Beijing, aimed at Beijing agricultural city about "promote agricultural independent innovation ability, cultivating agricultural high-end industry" for the construction of the target, around Beijing urban modern agriculture in the demand for intelligent agricultural machinery and agricultural production for animal and plant growth environment, life information of digital information acquisition needs, and to improve the actual needs of agricultural production, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, unique integration of Beijing research and development, intellectual superiority, with enterprises as the main body, strengthening the industrial chain business function, promote the science and technology, information, capital and other elements, and further integration of industrial chain each link, formed in soil preparation, sowing, fertilizing, spraying, irrigation, soil, water, air monitoring, intelligent grafting, intelligent transplanting and factory production and applications of industrial chain as the core of intelligent equipment, for the Beijing city of agricultural industry chain construction and park development, realize the goal of "high-end, high efficiency, high radiation", play an irreplaceable role.

Beijing intelligent agricultural machinery equipment industry chain for the development of other industrial chain and park and driven to be reckoned with. Swine breeding park of Beijing pinggu district green, equipped with intelligent VELOS sows group management system, realized the pig modern automatic control, greatly reduces the labor costs, after calculation, each can reduce artificial 8 people, can save labor cost 288000 yuan. Accurate feeding and standardization management is also improve the level of the fishery production, can save feed, improve production efficiency and economic benefit is remarkable, not only played a demonstration of production technology and standardized management, radiation also led to the Beijing and around to raise the level of standardization and automation of production, improve the ability of prevention and control of major animal epidemic disease, promote the healthy development of animal husbandry, for the capital market provides the health, safety, trust of high-end products.

Around Beijing key technological requirements of the construction of the industrial chain, with enterprises as the main body, through the high-end products created entrepreneurship and high-end talents, to promote agricultural machinery equipment industry chain segment and extension is the inevitable trend of urban modern agriculture development. Along with the formation of the Beijing agricultural city intelligent agricultural machinery equipment industry chain, will be the rapid development of the agricultural city for Beijing on the wings to take off.

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