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The Chinese horizontal orbital wrapping machine


Following is unconfirmed information, only for reference:


The reporter got the news from the China railway corporation, at the end of October, China railway 47 planning of new projects have been completed and construction drawing design. All that will start construction before the end of the year.

The relevant person in charge of China railway corporation said that since this year, under the strong support of the Chinese government, to keep the accelerating trend of railway construction. Especially the state council on reform of railway investment and financing system's opinions on accelerating railway construction, railway construction plan of this year China railway corporation adjustments, including new projects by 38 of the original plan is adjusted for 47, the scale of investment in new projects from 416 billion yuan to 471.3 billion yuan.

In the planning of new development projects, the chongqing to guiyang railway, dunhuang to golmud railway has formed comprehensive projects such as wrapper construction high tide. Recently, there are between fuzhou and pingtan project such as railway, chengdu to PuJiang railway would enter the stage of comprehensive construction. To guiyang railway leshan to guiyang by the end of this year, chengdu, shijiazhuang to jinan railway passenger dedicated line, lianyungang to yancheng railway project will soon start construction.

On November 9, near the Yellow River bridge, a group of large engineering machinery gradually into the construction site, marked the Hohhot - ZhunGeEr - ordos railway construction in an all-round way.

Call must e railway about 245 km long, the line from Hohhot railway hub derivation, across the Yellow River, the ordos ZhunGeErQi, DaLaTeQi, dongsheng district, ordos station, the design speed of 160 km, with a total investment of about 18.8 billion yuan.

Call railway to the west of hubei and package (head) west (Ann) railway connection, eastward through set (rather) package (head), the second double rail connection Zhang Ji, zhang tang and abundant sand rail, build a western region of Inner Mongolia to the beijing-tianjin-hebei and tangshan port of coal transport channel.


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