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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



 Horizontal circulation-place kind packaging machine for making features closed on a few aspects coming from a roll of warmth-sealable packaging film. Goods Sizeable scaled and unusual molded items, optionally bundled in changed surroundings. Characteristics LVA: an electronic system which allows instant adjustments of the package length according to the length of the product. It is perfect for medium sized/large-size products and then for abnormal designs. With similar machine it really is possible to use centrally published packaging material as opposed to the LVA method. Long Dwell (cantilevered container-motion): a very high-velocity portable carriage process run by brushless engines that enables flawlessly hermetic transverse sealing for even substantial items. The cantilevered process facilitates cleaning and maintenance surgical procedures, even though the digital regulates permit separate treatments for securing and handling velocity as well as sealing stress. Servo: Ghibli is totally electronic digital. Ghibli is made in AISI 304 stainless steel, using the casing constructed with curved corners according to the strictest global hygienic criteria. Scirocco is actually a stream-pack servo helped horzontal wrapping machine for generating wraps hermetically sealed on 3 ends coming from a reel of heatseal wrapping material. The machine continues to be created for Revised Ambiance Packaging and constructed in such a manner that most its components may be cleaned. Items Food goods that demand high-speed hermetic packaging, even just in MAP (Changed Athmosphere Packaging): cheese, pasta, bread, sausages, more and meat



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