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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


In recent years, the progress of science and technology led to the development of market economy, our standard of living has improved at the same time, this is not only the result of the development of era, the most important thing is to science and technology has been applied in our life, so the packaging machine as well as the market economy development of science and technology in every packaging enterprise's development.

Stretch wrapping machine enterprises have increased dramatically in recent years, the inside of the Stretch wrapping machine industry competition is becoming more and more serious, single manufacturer cannot have a foothold in the market, in the face of all sorts of trouble, how Stretch wrapping machine for profit in the market, a variety of equipment production become leading enterprises to better place.

As we know, the Stretch wrapping machine have generally have packing, sealing, code, filling and capping effects, such as current Stretch wrapping machine widely used in food, medicine and other industries and in the development of the industry occupies a very important role, visible Stretch wrapping machine market how broad development space and domain, these with domestic commodity packaging businesses is a great encouragement and motivation, but also many factors that can affect domestic Stretch wrapping machine on.

Stretch wrapping machine industry in China as soon as possible to change the condition is given priority to with low technical content, learn foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency low energy consumption, production and sales of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. According to national conditions to develop suitable packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of Stretch wrapping machinery and further develop domestic and international market.

On the premise of Stretch wrapping machine market segment, domestic Stretch wrapping machine industry should form their own advantages, established a differentiated market competition system, and differentiation roads Stretch wrapping machine industry in China is really an effective way to get rid of foreign high pressure technology and capital advantage, to help our Stretch wrapping machinery enterprises to speed up the pace of independent research and development as soon as possible, look for suitable for their own development breakthrough, gradually \"big strong small designed\" mode of production and management, make all levels of the enterprise can get full development, finally change the Stretch wrapping machinery industry in our country the situation of excessive dependence on foreign equipment.


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