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The Coil packing machine:


With the engineering application of species diversity and different environment demand, small coil packing machine are already in the market maturity, stability and slow demand rising trend. Since the ninety s, along with the high-speed development of Chinese economy, China's coil packing machine industry has entered a rapid development. But in recent years, small coil packing machine as a rising star, in the construction, beginning to replace the position of the large and medium-sized machinery, widely welcome by users, at the same time, the development of the small engineering machinery is also reflected the situation of China.

In 2013, the loader industry ushered in the turning point, demand from towards the end of 2012, gradually warming, especially small loader has been contrarian rotary under the demand of the market.

The xugong realized the depth of the product promotion, xugong small loader in municipal construction, water conservancy, mine, dock, garden construction, sanitation, the cabin, working condition of warehouse is visible xugong small loaders, market competitiveness of products increase greatly. 1 - July, in the decline of the industry as a whole, of the severe market competition environment, xugong small loader, overall sales grow high innovation, product sales up 62.3% from a year earlier.

At present, mainly located in rural and urban and rural integration of market of domestic account for only a small loader loader market share of less than 10%, but in recent years the rapid development of our country small loader market, the average annual growth rate of 35% or more. With acceleration of urbanization construction, water conservancy, road construction and construction of small towns housing is an increasing demand for small loader. In recent years, the increasing of rural highway construction and the construction of irrigation and water conservancy investment, "twelfth five-year" period, the central government for rural road investment will reach 200 billion yuan. Each year over the next decade, the country will also be used for irrigation and water conservancy construction investment of 4000 ~ 4000 yuan, also for small loaders and other coil packing machine products to expand the development of a certain space.

In addition, the purchase of steel coil wrapping machine machinery constantly increase subsidies to farmers, led to adapt to the steel coil wrapping machine production and construction of small loader to rapid infiltration in the field of steel coil wrapping machine machinery industry. Since 2009 countries intensify steel coil wrapping machine subsidies, investment buyers subsidies are more than 10 billion yuan, of which 2010 and in 2011 reached 15.5 billion yuan and 17.5 billion yuan respectively, 2012 reach 21.5 billion yuan, up 22.90% from a year earlier, the cost subsidy policy has inspired buyers enthusiasm of farmers, and drive the development of the steel coil wrapping machine machinery industry. steel coil wrapping machine machinery industry is put forward in the "twelfth five-year" plan, farm machinery industrial GDP will increase from $2010 in 280 billion to $2015 in 400 billion. Products high cost performance, simple operation and small loader accessories, wide application range, sufficient also complied with the needs of the development of steel coil wrapping machine mechanization.

The rapid development of the scale of urbanization in China, the central government on the rural road construction, water conservancy investment and the continuous increase of steel coil wrapping machine machinery purchase subsidy, expand the market demand for small loader products.

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