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The Coil packing machine:


A Coil Packing machine line, one hundred years of development process
As early as 151 years ago, people in Britain have found that the corrugated board structure, thus invented corrugated packaging.
Corrugated carton industry in the world today is undergoing rapid change. Coil Packing machine line is pressed by the drum base paper corrugated board, glue, glue, paper separating and cardboard, crosscutting specification, the final output by the stacking process of the assembly line, such as tile line for short. Coil Packing machine line, speed and specifications from structure to control, has experienced a from simple to modern, from low to high speed and from mechanization to computer digital control mechanical and electrical integration of development in one hundred.
(a) early manual corrugated packaging technology
Corrugated paper records, in 1856 in Britain have British Edward healy (edwadciley) and Edward (edwadellen) Allen brothers will be pressed into corrugated paper corrugated shape, as lining of hat, to breathe freely and absorb sweat. Today's corrugated packaging technology, material selection, structure form, production methods, and performance mechanism is derived from this, therefore, the invention and development of corrugated packaging technology pioneering significance.
For 15 years, americans in 1871 Albert Jones (albertjones) invented the single face corrugated board, used for processing the cartons, used in packaging and similar breakable glass chimney, got a patent for the first wrapping corrugated paper, in the United States. This single face corrugated board (singlefacecorrugatedboard) successful development and application of materials for the first time to make corrugated technology into the field of packaging materials.
Corrugated packaging technology and is a major breakthrough in 1874, oliver lang (oliverlong) was established in the United States in a layer of lining paper, on the other side of the single-sided corrugated paper paste made from double Coil Packaging, patents the single face corrugated board. Thus greatly enhance the strength of the Coil Packaging, corrugated board from single function of liner material extended to applied to the production of corrugated packaging container.
Patented in 1874. This product set buffer characteristics and strength of the vertical and horizontal elastic at an organic whole, is suitable for the packaging materials used for glass bottles, lamps and lanterns and porcelain. All of these corrugated paper are made from thin was used as material of paper straw paper.
Robertthompson began production in 1875 double Coil Packaging. In 1878, with Robert henrydnorris partnership, also produce double Coil Packaging. Soon after, americans robergair also began to produce double Coil Packaging, and developed the first die-cutting and creasing machine, but his patent dispute with Thompson and Norris for 10 years, but at a disadvantage situation. The problem solved successfully in 1888, gair admitted Thompson Norris and enjoy the patent right, and through the payment of royalty payments for the production of corrugated board. The first time in 1881, oliverlong patent used surface support corrugated paper structure. Rhthompson patents in 1882, a two stages in the production of double corrugated board machine. Each paper surface is coated with a layer of paste adhesive, by gluing machine and brush roller, using extended traction rope clamp degrees direction drawing double Coil Packaging, cardboard by wielding knives cutting, as the paper thickness controller, variable speed drives seem to have a double effect. In 1889, the United States to accept the first application for a patent for double Coil Packaging. Rhthompson patents in 1890, using steam heating the improved single-sided corrugated roller and stare blankly pointed gluing machine. Help the expansion of the corrugated better molding contact system. (more than 100 years later, he was "rediscovered")
Design engineer cflangston from wales in 1888 Philadelphia, immigration to the United States opened a machine manufacturing plant in local. His first design is a shear type slitting machine, langston paper machine which was born. In 1895, davidweber company entrust langston production of single machine. Made the width 0.5 meters, moderate of 6 m/min first single-sided corrugated machine in the world. It is worth mentioning that it was the first company in corrugated machine design machine manufacturers, this may be due to patent protection for this product has special strictly. In 1895, the first slot corrugated carton. In the same year, hinde and dauch introduced patented climax card bottle corrugated packaging, the packaging used for packaging to transport after glass lamp shade. Will their initiative for corrugated paper items protection function is introduced into the play a very important role in railway transportation.
In 1894, Robert gaia (robertguya) of type a corrugated board to be successful, make corrugated board can meet the demand of as transport packaging corrugated Coil Packaging machine. Made of type a Coil Packaging corrugated carton first appeared in the United States, and in the packaging industry, by the packing has been widely accepted by users, then quickly in the United States and other popular. In 1895, corrugated Coil Packaging machine began in the United States of the railway transport system.

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