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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Stretch wrapping to fine, each typical region was measured by stretch function to the tension, when the stretch distribution is not on that exceeds the permissible error set in advance, then in the relative position through an external heat source for heating or cooling, the temperature field system to keep the symmetry, reduce thermal deformation. Henan Zhongkuang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional engaged in stretch wrapping machinery and equipment production, R & D, sales and after sale services for the integrated enterprise, and constantly introduce advanced technology, continuous improvement of products, launched the palletizer, conveyor, wrapper, automatiac chinese stretch wrapper, quality has become the A leader in the industry. It is more and more large tonnage, products are more and more full.

Almost all of the global mainstream mining machinery manufacturers have entered the China market, or joint venture or sole proprietorship. Broken coal, metallurgy, mineral processing, is building, road construction,cement, alumina, one of the important lessons of non metallic mineral processing and thermal power generation and other industrial parts. Both have the same physical property, but the value is different, the first classcohesion than the second class cohesion Daliang times.



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