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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


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Fhope machines, a lot more than twenty years practical experience on Side to side Stream stretch wrapping machine (HSSF), we manufacture, sales and design our item to greater than 95 nations around the globe. Fhope machinery certificated with CEAnd ISO is made for the high finish to basic needs with high good quality services and constantly innovation in terms of become the top brand of Wrapping Devices!


Asterpac have seen to blend sectors wrapping device. Created for productive procedures to meet the varying demands of several businesses, our packing equipment have craved a niche market by themselves all over industries like; FMCG, Packed Food items, etc.

Our products consist of: -

Side to side and top to bottom filling devices,

Reduce product packaging system,

Vacuum product packaging system,

Skin and blister product packaging unit.

Sealin and covering equipment,
Labeling vacuum and machine raising process.

We all do supply skin preparing motion picture, reduce wrapping film and shrinkable top quality close off limit.

Asterpac packing systems fulfill the highest basic safety specifications; feature a variety of user-warm and friendly features such as soft merchandise managing and swift merchandise changeover functionality. With our strong and seem market information, our company will serve as an advisor to assist you to design and style entire packaging system and to get the best packing solution for your product.

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