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The Chinese rotate arm wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


UK media reports that the last decade their widely believed the stretch wrapping equipment in China is no so good in quality and technology, even the foreign companies production in the Chinese market is no the best  one.

Weekly magazine the economist on December 21, 2013, a period according to the agency on a range of chinese-made stretch wrappers were tested, the results found that they are sturdy and durable, good performance. Sany, zoomlion, liugong machinery leading Chinese brand products and low price advantage, the company production of stretch wrapping  equipment will soon occupied building sites around the world.

The article points out that before the global financial crisis in 2008, nearly 90% of the stretch wrapping  site of China excavator are foreign brands, although the excavator is usually made in China. From 2008 to 2008, the Chinese government adopted a policy of the fiscal stimulus, the results brought about the prosperity of stretch wrapping , it also encourages the scale expansion of Chinese machinery maker. By 2011, Chinese companies have occupied half of the domestic market.

With scale expands unceasingly, the leading Chinese companies began to eager to upgrade technology and them or to buy foreign competitors and suppliers, or joint venture was established with them.

With the influence of the Chinese government fiscal stimulus fade, China's demand for stretch wrapping  equipment is also reduced. Foreign companies in China factory was the main production of low technology content, \"made in China, to China sales of products, is now gradually transformation in the production of more complex, high-end products for export.

Article, according to CLAS, the company's researchers for six companies, sany heavy industry, caterpillar, Hitachi, doosan steel group, and group and god excavator production in China for two weeks of rigorous testing, including productivity, durability and efficiency of these products. The excavator has very good performance, but sany excavator performance particularly well. CLAS company researchers concluded that, now, China's enterprises and foreign competitors technology gap \"almost nonexistent. A lot of Chinese big manufacturer  will merger as wave.

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