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The Chinese pallet stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Glass has been common in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging containers , but in recent years ,pallet stretch wrapping machine with its unique advantages in the proportion of the entire packaging industry is growing, and pallet stretch wrapping machine applications continue to expand , the application level is also increasing, quality control problems of pallet stretch wrapping machine products are also increasingly prominent.
It is reported that the higher the better strength composite pallet stretch wrapping machine gluing , tear or destroy the most ideal , blood and prevents the value from the composite layer . Packaging materials by testing the friction coefficient can control and regulate the opening of the bag , packing machine packing speed production quality process indicators . The ultimate aim is to sell packaging , packaging appearance of fine print will undoubtedly attract the attention of consumers to fully expand market share. Quality testing of pallet stretch wrapping machine print density , density difference , Esko color , color difference , soft plastic printing ink fastness is also important .
All along, like oral usually brown glass bottle . For various reasons that sealing is not convenient, clear bottle blizzard is not clean, high oral scrap, some even to the market , causing a serious impact on the health of consumers . The soft oral bottle just to deal with these issues.
Currently , the oral liquid bottles, soft plastic bottles has been partially obtained oral application , and gradually expand its scope of application. Hard plastic bottles of oral liquid also being slowly replace the glass for liquid pharmaceutical packaging syrups and other large volume , which is consistent with the European development . The main reason is the bottleneck of the plastic container having a wider and easier filling, the filling line production process is faster, and can be easily broken to provide a greater area of ​​the label to carry more information.
Radical market demand , and the enterprises should accelerate the popularization and application of oral pharmaceutical bottles plastic containers speed. Because of Chinese medicine pills, capsules , powders and other development space in the international market is large, and therefore should accelerate the development of Chinese medicine hollow plastic containers and packaging ,pallet stretch wrapping machine continue to broaden the range of applications .


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