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A  investment decision through the Fhope in their Fells plant in SHAGNHAI has allowed the organization to considerably upgrade the finish of line pallet conveyors and lorry loading capacity in the plant.

Just before an investment, lorries needed to be loaded by forklift trucks outdoors from the primary warehouse within the lorry loading area, not well suited for either the FLT motorists or even the collection motorists.

The work for that complete system was handled by Fhope packaging Ltd from Coatbridge.

Just before the brand new project all pallets were loaded onto curtain on the sides trucks after which come to a distribution site where these were unloaded after which reloaded into containers, thus taking on double handling charges.

The work was planned and performed in 2 parts. First of all, along with Horizontal stretch wrapping machine, a loading area was prepared and three pier levellers were created to allow direct loading of pallets internally, directly into containers.

Phase two, was installing the Aetna pallet wrapping system, to link the out feeds from the three bottling lines, taking palletised loads right to the loading bay. This area of the contract involved numerous modifications towards the existing finish of lines, combined using the moving of the high-speed Fhope packaging Genesis pallet wrapper, Aetna pallet conveyors, pallet decks along with a hydraulic lift system which improves the pallets towards the correct height within the loading bay.

The machine was created for any high season creation of 75 pallets each hour. Martin Edgar, Engineering Manager at Campsie Fells stated, ?°We happen to be delighted using the Aetna conveyor and pier leveller installation. It went in like clockwork, it's been very easy to use and also the Aetna and Russell's teams met every deadline striking every target. Even more impressive, thinking about cellular phone needed to use while a couple of our existing lines were running to full capacity and also the third line had been modified and reconnected.?±

David Walkinshaw, National Sales Director Systems at Aetna United kingdom stated, ?°We have experienced a lengthy connection to Campsie Fells, delivering all of them with Fhope shrink wrappers and Fhope packaging pallet wrappers. I was delighted obtain the chance to tender with this project, where we've been in a position to demonstrate a lot of our extended engineering abilities. The finished result makes this type of tremendous impact on the security and whole atmosphere in the factory, not to mention never to forget cost advantages of reducing double handling of pallets?±.



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